Having these items at Christmas means you’re ‘posh’ – how many do you own?

How posh are you?

Having these items at Christmas means you’re ‘posh’ – how many do you own?
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Everyone does Christmas celebrations differently, but apparently there are certain items that make you posh this festive season. Read on to see if you own any of them…

According to Tatler Magazine’s tongue-in-cheek list, owning these items means you’re enjoying a much posher Christmas than most. As you can imagine, they all come with an expensive price tag too.

No yuletide is complete without a Christmas tree, but we’re not talking about an artificial tree or even any old real one. To be considered posh, Tatler say you should own a six-foot Nordmann fir tree.

To give you an idea of how big this is, it’s said to be the ‘choice to fill an expansive hallway or high-ceilinged manor’. Famously, Prince Albert brought one over from Germany to decorate Windsor Castle, so it’s even got the royal seal of approval!

When it comes to your choice of advent calendar, your average supermarket chocolate ones just won’t cut it if you want to be posh.

Instead, you should own the most luxurious one out there. Tiffany’s advent calendar costs £104,000 and contains 24 diamond products retailing between £100 and £13,000.


Each item comes in their iconic blue box and includes products such as an 18 carat rose gold pendant with diamonds and the popular Tiffany key. Who needs chocolate when you’ve got this?

Or if that’s way out of your budget (we can relate), you could always rely on M&S jewellery advent calendar instead!

We’re sure many of you will have some sort of Christmas wreath amongst your decorations, but maybe not one this expensive.

Mayfair boutique Pulbrook & Gould offer some seriously luxurious wreaths, with its biggest one Deluxe-size Sage Wreath retailing for £2,450.


Perhaps the most particular item on the list is free-roaming deer, because what’s Christmas without live reindeer?

Elaborating on this, Tatler wrote, ‘Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a pony who is readily wrapped up in rouge blankets come Christmastime as rides are offered down the country lane. But why rope in a pony, when you could use a deer?’

And finally, when it comes to food, Tatler expect you to have only the best to qualify as being ‘posh’. In fact, they expect you to have a whole banquet this season.... obviously. And it includes a £74 turkey!


They wrote, ‘It’s KellyBronze turkeys all the way, what the Guardian describe as the ‘pampered prince of the turkey world’ who live a life of leafy luxury eating additive-free grain, ahead of being served up on Christmas Day.

‘The vegetables – parsnips, red onion et al – will be provided by Oxford educated Guy Singh-Watson, the vegetable box pioneer behind Riverford Organic – a recent acquaintance of the Queen. Smoked salmon must come from the Harrods food hall – and so should the caviar.’

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