Phillip Schofield and Sarah Greene Reunite On This Morning

Phillip Schofield Sarah Greene
Phillip Schofield Sarah Greene
(Image credit: David Crump / Associated Newspapers /REX/Shutterstock)

Fans were delighted last week when Phillip Schofield and Sarah Greene temporarily reunited on This Morning, when Phil and Holly Willoughby interviewed Sarah about losing her mother to ovarian cancer back in 2010. Viewers of the duo's Saturday morning show, Going Live! immediately felt a sense of nostalgia for the programme that was cancelled in 1993.

Well, Phil and Sarah gave fans an even bigger taste of a Going Live! reunion on Tuesday, when Sarah took Holly's place for the day as she was out sick with a bug.

The two joked about their reunion when they came on stage, with Sarah asking Phil if she was in a time warp. They carried on the normal routine of This Morning, interviewing guests like Brendan O'Carroll and Amy Willerton, but didn't let the show end without bringing back memories from Going Live! and sharing some hilarious stories.

The pair walked on stage to the popular 80s show theme song and joked about Phil's change in hair colour. "I just looked down and this isn't the same colour, but you look exactly the same."

Some fans called for a full-on Going Live! reunion complete with furry puppet sidekick, Gordon the Gopher. Phil joked that Gordon was now in rehab due to his inability to get work. "I can tell you now, there's no way I am working with him again."

Phil even told viewers a story about how he one time ate some bad oysters and was sick all over Sarah. He quipped, "It really was a low moment for me."

It was great seeing the two reunite, but fans of Holly and Phil should have no fear, Holly has recovered and returned to the This Morning couch today.