Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield’s New Co-Star Is Set To Outshine Them…

You know summer is slowly coming to an end when your favourite TV presenters get back to work. While we can’t wait for Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to return, there is someone even sweeter that might just steal their spotlight…

A new This Morning dog! That’s right, an adorable, new little pup is set to join Holly and Phil on Monday 4th September.    

This isn’t the first fury friend the hosts have been joined by. First there was Clover, and then earlier this year it was an emotional goodbye to Luna in July as she prepared for life as a guide dog. 

During yesterday’s episode of This Morning there was a trailer which revealed a new addition would be on the sofa with Holly and Phil very soon.

The video voiceover said: “First there was Clover, then there was Luna – and we can now reveal, there’s a brand new pup to greet Holly and Phil when they return on Monday! Meet This Morning’s new puppy!” 

Holly and Phil are bound to be thrilled by the news that they are getting a new pup. The hosts got a little emotional when they had to say goodbye to Luna but they will inevitably get just attached to their new co-star.

Luna made Holly and Phil laugh a lot!

The day Luna left Holly said: “You’ve been a beautifully amazing dog and I’ve loved watching you grow.” Phil added: “I’m going to miss you a lot”.

Luna has been busy undergoing her next stage of training as a guide dog and from her Instagram account it looks like she is on the right track.

[instagram]https://www.instagram.com/p/BXQW27dh7ry/?taken-by=tm_puppy [/instagram]

The new pup will undoubtedly be a welcome addition and is sure to bring back fond memories as well as help to make new ones. 

After all, who can forget that time Holly was pulled off camera by Clover and Luna did the same to Phil? They do say never work with animals or children…

As with previous This Morning dogs viewers will likely be able to help in the naming process. Do you have any suggestions?  

We can’t wait to see the trio on screen and luckily, it is not long to wait!