Exciting New Details Finally Released About James Martin’s New Show

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  • If you’ve missed James Martin from our screens ever since he left Saturday Kitchen last year, you’ve have been just as excited as us when we announced he’d be fronting a brand new ITV show, Saturday Morning With James Martin.

    The news was revealed back in May, and was met with huge excitement from Martin fans, who hailed his eventual return to Saturday morning TV.

    The new show will see James cooking a range of yummy treats from the comfort of his own home – meaning we fans will get a chance to nab a sneak peek at his house!

    But while the announcement was met with a thrilled reception, not much has yet actually been revealed about the show – including the format or what we can actually expect to see during the hour-long episodes.

    But now, the official social media accounts from the show ‘Saturdayjamesmartin’, have FINALLY given us a bit of an insight into what we might be seeing from James’ brand new programme. And the revelations certainly have us very intrigued…

    In a series of Instagram posts, regrammed by the chef himself, it seems that there may well be a chance for us viewers to get involved in the show. The post asked about the best steak we as chefs have ever cooked, followed by the enticing caption that we could see our faces appear alongside James – a woman can only dream…

    The caption read, “Cooked a sumptuous steak or a brilliant beef dish? If so we want to see it AND YOU! Share your pics with us using #jamesmartin and you might see them on screen later this year!”


    Excitingly, this post also revealed that we can expect to see the new programme on our screens before the end of the year! A release date hasn’t yet been announced, so this news is sure to be thrilling for fans.

    Another post also called for the fish fans amongst James’ audience, asking for viewers to send in a picture of themselves alongside their best fish offering for the programme. James himself even encouraged fans to play along, writing “Get involved with my new show!”

    The caption then read, “#Repost @saturdayjamesmartinCalling all fishing enthusiasts! What did you catch? What did you cook with it…and can you strike a #fishface pose? 🐠😂Share your pics using #jamesmartin!


    So far, so good, right? Up until now, the requests tie in pretty reasonably with a cooking programme. But the following Instagram post seems to prove that this isn’t set to be any ordinary cooking show, as James and his team put out a rather more unusual request.

    The post asked, “Are you in a singing group or choir? What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to your tuneful team? Share your stories in the comments below 👇and your pics using #jamesmartin”


    Does this indicate that there may be a singing segment to the show? If so, it would certainly be a big change for your average morning cooking show.

    Whatever the reasons behind the request, it’s clear that James’ new series will involve lots of audience interaction. And we’re not complaining, especially if it means we may get a chance to star alongside the man himself!

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