Nathaniel Parker interview

Describe your perfect weekend? I’d get up early and have coffee while reading The Racing Post, and studying the form. I love horse racing and own a share in a racehorse. Then I’d start on breakfast. Anna does most of the cooking, so it’s a treat for both of us when I take over the kitchen at the weekend. I’m a short order cook, and I let the girls shout their orders from the kitchen table. After this, I’d take the girls horse-riding, which we’re all mad about. Later, we’d have friends for supper.

My loves Red wine.
I try to find out when a vineyard has a good year and this helps me choose a decent bottle.  

Books. I’m dyslexic, so it can take me a while to get through a novel, but I do love to read them.

Breakfast. My guilty pleasure is toast slathered in marmalade, with a slice of bacon and a fried egg on top.

My hates
I can’t stand it and some people try to disguise it in food, but I can always taste it.

Dead flowers. There’s nothing worse than the smell of dead flower water.

Low-slung trousers. I saw a boy fall over running for a bus recently, because his trousers were pulled down so far.

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