Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha reveals the strict rule her family make her stick to on the show

Nadia Sawalha

Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha is without doubt one of the show's most outspoken presenters - regularly sharing intimate details of her private life.

However, even if viewers reckon she's sometimes shares a little too much, it seems she's always got the go-ahead from her family to discuss their life behind closed doors.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the 54-year-old revealed that as her daughters Maddy, 16, and Kiki, 11, have got older, she made a vow to clear any potential topics of discussion about them, with them.

The Loose Women ladies regularly discuss their families on the show, so it's no surprise that Nadia's want to ensure she doesn't ever say too much!

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Nadia confessed, "With my children getting older, I always ring and check with them about whatever we're discussing that day to get their permission,

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"I'll say in the morning meeting, 'This is what I think, but I can't guarantee I can say this on the show, I just have to run it past my family'.

"So we have another meeting a few minutes before we go live to reiterate, and if there's something that I think is contentious with my daughters, I would then in that second meeting say, 'That bit I'm not going to say because they don't want to me to'."

She went on to reveal that her daughters definitely don't always allow her free reign, often shutting her down completely.

Nadia admitted, "I hate it when my daughters say, 'Categorically no', because that means there is no room for negotiation. At least they know how to put a boundary in place!"

The Loose Women star didn't reveal whether or not the same rule was in place when it came to discussing her husband Mark Adderley - but we'll presume that she does take similar steps to protect his privacy.

In the same interview, Andrea McLean also revealed that the Loose Women team start their day at 8.45 with a morning meeting, to talk about what they'll discuss on that day's show.

She said, "The producers meet up beforehand and they go through the papers, and whatever makes the headlines that day. Then they put the topics out there to the four of us.

"Rather than discussing it, we think about whether we've experienced it, and what our take is on it."

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