Nadia Sawalha's mum reveals shock health diagnosis


Nadia Sawalha recieved some unexpected news in a new Youtube video, after a candid chat with her mother.

The Loose Women star was speaking to her mother, Roberta 'Betty', over the garden fence - as the pair, and Nadia's father, Nadim, live just next door to each other.

Nadia was filming a candid vlog for her popular Youtube channel - but unbeknownst to her, the conversation was to take a rather more sombre tone.

Betty was joking that she had gone on a 'double date' with Nadia's dad Nadim, to the doctors, and when the presenter asked her mother how it had gone, Betty replies, "He said I think it's early stages but there is nothing we can do about it now anyway."

However, the confession left Nadia floored, asking her mother exactly what was in the 'early stages', to which Betty replied, "Parkinson's."

Nadia went on to admit she was shocked by the admission, saying, "No! What, he said that?

"Only my parents would laugh about a diagnosis of Parkinson's. I mean, you would think they were just at the bar ordering a second cocktail."

78-year-old Betty went on to explain how the pair had come to believe they had the neurological condition. She said, "Well he [Nadim] thought he had Parkinson's and I said 'I don't think you have Parkinson's, I will look up the symptoms'.

"And then I found out that I had six - and after one you are supposed to go to the doctors." Nadia's father revealed that he had in fact been told that his health was fine.

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However, Betty appeared non-plussed by the situation, taking a relaxed attitude to her diagnosis - even laughing about it. She said, "Well there is nothing you can do, and I would much rather be told it's early stages and to take vitamins and whatever else."

Nadia's dad Nadim also appeared relaxed about his wife's diagnosis. He confessed, "There's nothing you can do. It's the curse of old age. You have to learn how to live with it."

The family appeared light-hearted about the news later in the video, joking about the fact that Nadia will now understand why her mum may be acting differently in future.

Fans and viewers of the 53-year-old were quick to share their support for Nadia's family after watching the video, with many saying they admired her mother's positive attitude about the diagnosis.

One said, 'What horrible news to hear from your mum, however I must say I admire her attidude towards it xx'.

While another wrote, 'Aw your mum, bless her. What an amazing attitude and spirit she has for dealing with it xx'

A third viewer also commented, 'Oh sending love and hugs to everyone. That was a shock for you Nadia ❤'

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