Nadia Sawalha admits that she was left 'livid' by this candid admission from her husband Mark

They regularly open up about their marriage online in their weekly podcast, but Nadia Sawalha has revealed that a recent confession from her husband Mark Adderley left her wanting to 'throw the camera across the room'.

During this week's video, Mark and Nadia were candidly discussing the topic of gaining weight in a marriage, and whether their own fluctuating weights ever change the way the other feels about them.

About half-way through, the couple got on to the subject of attraction and compliments, when Mark shared his belief that Nadia never compliments him when he's looking better then normal.

Mark, 45, began by admitting, "I've been overweight. I've felt unattractive. I do feel it's nicer as you lose the weight, but I don't know if that makes me more attractive."

He then went on to say to Nadia, "You never talk about what makes me more attractive.

"You say my confidence is what makes me more attractive. But you never look at me and say objectively, 'Oh yeah you do look much better, just physically."

However, Nadia was clearly left furious with her husband's comments. She hit back, saying "Oh my god, I am ready to throw this camera across the room.

Nadia Sawalha

"Are you serious? Are you saying I never say you look attractive?"

Mark then attempted to clarify what he meant, saying, "I'm saying that when I've gone to the extra lengths to look more attractive, you never comment on it."

But it seems Mark's additional comments only angered Nadia further, as she said, "I'm bloody furious now" - leaving her husband in fits of giggles.

Nadia then came up with a tounge-in-cheek solution to the problem. She told Mark, "Well then, what I'm going to do is completely retract the daily compliments I give you about the way you look, so you can notice that I do give you daily compliments!"

Nadia Sawalha

Nadia then asked Mark to take back his comments - although he only laughed back in response.

Posting the short clip on her Twitter, Nadia confessed retrospectively that she was still 'livid' over the discussion.

She wrote, 'I am still LIVID with @mark_adderley over this!!'

However, the pair seemed to patch it up very quickly after the light-hearted disagreement, soon descending into laughter together.

Sounds like a very normal married couple to us...!

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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