Meet the 85-year-old woman who just completed a 1000-mile bike ride for charity

Mavis Peterson, known as Granny Mave, just completed the most epic journey across Scotland and we're so in awe!

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Mavis Peterson, an 85-year-old from Scotland, just completed a weeks-long journey biking through the countryside for cancer research - and raised almost $74,000. 

Granny Mave started her biking challenge at the end of April, starting by pedaling up the west coast of Scotland to Thurso, and then returning to the finish by cruising down the east coast through Fife. And no, she wasn't on an electric bike - she did the whole journey on a traditional cycle.

The cyclist, who had three children of her own, dedicated her ride to cancer research, and to her three children, whom she has outlived. Her son Sandy died of a heart attack in 2012, her daughter Katie lost her life in 2013 due to a case of viral pneumonia, and her son Bob died in 2016 from an accident. 

granny mave

(Image credit: Paul Hackett)

While riding, she said that through the difficult moments, thinking of her children and Macmillan Cancer Support, the charity for which she was riding, kept her going. 

But, even through the emotionally and physically challenging moments, she can now look back on the experience with a grateful heart. "So many wonderful things happened on my bike ride that I'll never forget," she told Sky News

She said that, of all of the physically challenging moments, the worst was while she was pedaling through Fort William, where she recalls being hit with the "most horrendous headwind" and was nearly blown off her bike while riding. 

Mave also recalled how kind the people she met on her journey were. "I was met with such kindness. I cannot ever forget the kindness I got from complete strangers, people I had never met," she said.

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(Image credit: Paul Hackett)

This isn't the first biking journey Granny Mave has embarked on, however - the 85-year-old has completed a series of impressive biking accolades. From biking for 24 straight hours to pedaling across Canada, and even breaking a world record in 2019 for becoming the oldest woman to ever cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats (which is 1189 miles - a journey that takes about 9 days time), Granny Mave is undoubtedly a global treasure of a woman. 

Needless to say, she's not a cycling beginner

She said that, over the years, she has raised around $191,000 for cancer research, citing her children, her late mother, and her late sister as sources of inspiration for her work. 

granny mave

(Image credit: Paul Hackett)

Bruce Port, the fundraising manager of Macmillan Cancer Support, said that watching Granny Mave is something he will never forget. "Watching Granny Mave cross the finish line and complete another incredible cycling challenge is something I won't ever forget," he said.

Bruce also revealed she completed this physical feat after getting double knee and double hip replacement surgery. "To achieve what she's done at any age is a huge accomplishment, but having celebrated her 85th birthday just four days ago, and with two new knees and two new hips, she's simply amazing," he said.

To donate to Granny Mave's Just Giving account click here.

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