Maureen Nolan shows off facelift results on Loose Women - but sister Coleen isn't happy

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64-year-old Maureen Nolan looked utterly transformed as she appeared on Tuesday's installment of Loose Women to show off her new look.

Coleen's sister wowed the audience and viewers with her transformation, which is reported to have cost her around £7,500.

Chatting about how she feels about her new face, she confessed, "I feel fantastic now. It's still a little bit swollen here and there and a slight bruising.

"I feel great. I'm glad it's all over,"

However, Maureen's younger sister Coleen admitted that seeing her sister go through the operation was tough to bear - and left her "angry" with her sister.

She admitted, "I could have sobbed – I was really angry at you [afterwards]. You looked so tired and in pain.

"I just thought, you were beautiful to me, I thought, 'God why has she done that?'

"If it had gone wrong I'd have been so angry. It's the risk."

However, Coleen was quick to confess that Maureen looked "fantastic" following the surgery.

Fans were also impressed with the results, taking to social media to praise Maureen.

One said, 'Look Amazing Maureen, but you always did anyway xxxx 👌👌💕💕', while another agreed, 'Wow Maureen you look fantastic and fabulous 🤗💕 welldone you look 15 to 20 years younger🤗😘'.

Gloria Hunniford also appeared pretty taken with the results, sharing that she herself has been tempted to have a facelift in the past.

But she went on to say that she'd been put off by her late daughter Caron Keating's numerous "real" hospital treatments, when she was ill with breast cancer.

Maureen has admitted the reason behind her decision to go under the knife, confessing that she feels family tragedies have aged her over the years.

“I think the stress of the past few years really has exacerbated the ageing process.

“In the past 10 years I’ve noticed my face has disappeared. You look in the mirror and you think ‘Wow, who is that old person looking back at me?’”

The family lost sister Bernie to cancer in 2013, while Maureen's other sister Linda Nolan was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer last year.

What do you think of Maureen's new look?

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