Married At First Sight's Ella brings viewers to tears as she comes out as trans to her new husband

MAFS UK is back and Bride Ella's intimate moment with her new husband has already struck a chord

Ella from Married at first sight
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It’s finally back! Married At First Sight UK hit our screens this week and we’re obsessed already. The first tear-jerking moment came during last night’s episode when newly wed Bride Ella Clark shared that she is trans with her husband. 

Weddings are undoubtedly emotional for all of us, but for Ella, these nuptials were all the more special. Speaking to Newsbeat, she said "I didn't think being married or having kids would be in my path in life. It just wasn't on the cards for me." Thankfully, Ella couldn’t have been more wrong as she walked down the aisle just towards her husband-to-be Nathaniel.

After the ceremony, the show shared the moment Ella personally revealed her past to her new husband. However, Ella has since debunked rumours claiming Nathaniel wasn’t at all aware of his future wife being trans before the wedding as he was told way in advance. MAFS host Paul explained, "With Ella’s consent, Nathanial has been told that his wife is trans but in every other way, they meet as strangers." 

Should you be rightly wondering how to watch Married At First Sight UK, then we've got you covered, just don't forget your tissues!

MAFS Ella - Parents see Ella in wedding dress

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Not only was Ella’s presence on the show as the first trans woman one for the history books, but it has also opened up a larger conversation that’s she glad to be a part of. Speaking on her place in the show, she says “It makes me happy that hopefully there's a generation of trans boys and girls who may have hope because they're going to see someone like me on their TV."

Despite Ella leading the way for trans representation as the first Transgender bride on the show, she is quick to point out that it’s not her entire identity. Speaking on Lorraine earlier this week she said, “It’s a part of who I am but it’s a small part you know. I’m 90% crazy and 10% trans.” 

There has been some negative backlash directed towards Ella for her presence on the show, however, the 29-year-old Clinic Consultant says this is just another sign of how important her participation is for trans representation. “It’s good we’re having this debate because it gets people talking, I’m no different to other girls,” she says. 

Although there has been some negative backlash across social media, the positive comments are certainly outweighing them. One X (formerly known as Twitter) user says, “Trans people are entitled to love just as much as anyone else.”

MAFS Ella - Ella and Nathaniel walking down the aisle

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Dating before the show for Ella was difficult, she’s spoken about how dealing with her transition affected the way she was perceived by potential partners. “No one's ever really fully accepted me," she says.

“I thought it would get easier once I'd had my surgery. Unfortunately, it was not any easier. There's still this stigma and this embarrassment of dating someone who's transitioned," explains Ella. 

Her new husband, 36-year-old Marketing Manager Nathaniel is here to change that, according to another X user who said, "Ella and Nathaniel are picture perfect and both seem very sweet. Another couple to root for!" 

One thing is for sure, we cannot wait to keep watching this season - with a whopping 36 episodes, there’s no doubt we’ll be spoiled with more emotional twists and dramatic disputes for the next couple of months!

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