Lorraine Kelly Criticises ‘Pathetic Ex-Public School Boys' Amid Westminster Sexual Abuse Scandal

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Amid the recent scandal in Westminster concerning allegations of sexual harassment, presenter Lorraine Kelly has deemed those accused 'pathetic ex-public school boy', with a dangerous sense of 'entitlement'.

News of harassment claims have rarely been out of the headlines of late, with various MPs accused of inappropriate behaviour - and many even resigning from their posts following the allegations.

And Lorraine had admitted to having had just about enough of this kind of behaviour. Making her views plain in her regular column for The Sunday Post, Lorraine confessed her thoughts that the behaviour was ‘sickening', and ‘horrific' - and completely inexcusable.

But she also revealed her belief that the series of assaults aren't just about sex - but about an abuse of power.

She wrote, "Predators are cunning and they choose their prey carefully. They usually pick on someone younger, or who has a lot to lose.

"There's often either a threat that they can ruin their lives or a promise of advancement or reward."

And Lorraine was also quick to praise the women brave enough to speak up, saying "Those men and women who have been brave enough to speak out should be applauded. It can't have been easy for them to re-live and re-tell such harrowing stories."

She also went on to express her sentiment that the recent wave of sexual abuse allegations shouldn't be confused with perhaps something more innocent - she explains, "people who try to be funny in making an off-colour remark, or make unwanted advances, often under the influence of booze."

Lorraine was quick to admit that this behaviour too should not be tolerated - but that it shouldn't be as heavily condemned as the allegations levelled at the likes of Harvey Weinstein and, most recently, Kevin Spacey - who have been accused of multiple sexual abuse crimes.

57-year-old presenter Lorraine then penned her belief that, "Sadly, some people have been brought up not to respect women and simply don't know or care when they cross a line."

Lorraine's passionate column comes as the Prime Minister reveals how she plans to tackle the horrific allegations of harassment in Westminster, revealing that she is "determined" to change the culture in Parliament.

During a speech for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) conference, Theresa May said, "We need to establish a new culture of respect at the centre of our public life.

"One in which everyone can feel confident that they are working in a safe and secure environment, where complaints can be brought forward without prejudice and victims know that these complaints will be investigated properly.

"Political parties have not always got this right in the past. But I am determined to get it right for the future."

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