Lorraine Kelly Announces A Huge Change – And Fans Are Not Happy

On Friday’s episode of Lorraine, fans were greeted with a huge change to the popular show’s format – and unfortunately, not everyone was happy with it.

Lorraine herself introduced the show as normal, but fans were then unusually greeted with the sounds of a live audience too. It was the first time the popular ITV programme had installed a live audience in the studio, following in the footsteps of another popular daytime show, Loose Women.  

Lorraine stood before three rows of audience members, who also greeted Friday’s guests, including Julian Clary and Joan Collins.

But unfortunately, ardent Lorraine viewers didn’t particularly seem to take to the idea of a live audience – in fact, most appeared to actively dislike it.

Taking to social media, fans of the show tweeted their distaste over the new format, with many berating the ‘tinned laughter’, and that fact that it meant the programme was too loud for a morning show.

One viewer admitted that she “hated” the change, while another claimed it was “too early” for a live studio audience.



Viewers continued, not holding back in their criticism of the format, with one even saying that it had caused them to turn over.





And in another change to the regular format, some fans were also left incensed by the lack of a kitchen and cookery segment – with many also voicing their annoyance via social media


However, it seems, sadly for some viewers, that the changes to Lorraine’s daily morning show are set to stay, at least for the time being. Speaking to the Metro, ITV confirmed that their plan is to keep a live audience in the studio on Friday mornings for the foreseeable future. 

They said, “We are always trying out new ideas on the programme and having a live audience in the studio on Friday is one of them.”

So it seems at least once a week, viewers will have to get used to a new format on Lorraine…