‘I Swapped Gin For Chocolate’: How Dry January Resulted In Lorraine Gaining Weight

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  • She’s become a staunch advocate for an active lifestyle in recent years, but Lorraine Kelly recently admitted that taking part in ‘Dry January’ actually lead to her piling on the pounds.

    TV host Lorraine – who has been promoting a Dry January campaign on her morning ITV show – took part in the month-long alcohol ban, after admitting she perhaps indulges in one too many G&Ts.

    But she confessed yesterday that the absence of alcohol in her life lead to her turning to another treat – chocolate.

    Speaking about the long wait until 1st February, Lorraine told Good Morning Britain, “I was counting down the hours.

    “We can booze, hurrah! I feel as though I’ve had a hangover for a month.”

    She went on to confess, “And I’ve put weight on because I was eating chocolate instead of drinking gin. I needed something.”

    Lorraine also discussed her experience later on on her own show, whilst chatting to Kate Garraway and Sherrie Hewson, who also took part in Dry January.

    Talking to Kate Garraway, she admitted, “I put weight on because I ate too much chocolate, just compensating.”

    Kate it seems however went the other way, revealing that going without alcohol actually made her more mindful of what she is putting into her body.

    “I do think that actually, because it was such a sacrifice, it made me a bit more mindful.

    Joking, Kate then said, “Rather than just eating an entire packet of chocolate digestives I just gave them to you instead! Maybe it has done that.”

    Sherrie however confessed that her Dry Jan had lead her down a similar path to Lorraine, confessing, “I don’t eat chocolate or sweets or anything, but I became addicted to chocolate. I needed the sugar.'”

    However, Lorraine did eventually concede that her alcohol-free month left her feeling better, and that she plans to ditch the after-working drinking as a result.

    “I do feel better. I have been joking that I’ve had a hangover for a month, but that’s only because I’ve had this horrible bug, which is a nuisance.

    “I know I am not going to drink as much…and not do that wine o’clock thing.”

    Lorraine is famed for her wonderful figure, having spoken openly about taking up dancing Zumba with fitness instructor Maxine Jones. Lorraine has confessed how the fun exercise has since resulting in her dropping two dress sizes, and having a slimmer waist now at 58 than she did in her 20s.

    In an interview, she confessed that slimming down has definitely lead to her feeling more confident.

    Lorraine said, “I’m wearing sleeveless tops now – even on the telly! I’ve also got more

    “It’s not just about how you feel physically, but mentally as
    well. Working out, for me, is a fantastic stress-buster.”

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