Lorraine Kelly left blushing after comment from fellow Good Morning Britain presenter

Lorraine Kelly
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Lorraine Kelly was left blushing after an unexpected comment from fellow presenter Piers Morgan, during Wednesday’s episode.

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly was shocked today after Piers Morgan called her “hot” live on air during a discussion.

Lorraine, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were discussing the long awaited reopening of hairdressers and barber shops from 4th July.

Many people have been joking about the state of their hair in lockdown, as it’s often difficult to maintain it from home.

Lorraine was describing her hair, saying, “It looks OK on the top... you can see, it is not so bad on the top for some reason. The light in here really helps for some reason."

Piers reassured his fellow presenter by saying, “Your bangs still look hot to me, I wouldn’t worry.”

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Susanna added, “He has a weird way of complimenting!”

But Piers defended his comment, saying, "What is weird about that? I think Lorraine's bangs are hot. There is nothing weird about that. It is just a compliment."

Lorraine was left blushing but managed to laugh it off, saying, "Is it not your anniversary? You behave yourself!

“Thank you very much you naughty boy.”

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Piers also celebrated his 10 year anniversary with wife Celia on air, with Susanna Reid reminding him he should be getting her diamonds for the big day!

Lorraine might be feeling grateful that she can finally get their hair done professionally, but sadly our nails aren’t as lucky.

We’ve given an update on the latest advice regarding nail salons in the UK, so you can stay updated on the new guidelines.

If you really can’t wait, here’s some advice on how to do an at home manicure during lockdown.

Or, if you're notable to visit the hair salon just yet, here's our recommendations for home highlight kits that will give you salon-worthy results.

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