Liz Hurley shares the horrific details of her nephew’s brutal stabbing in London

Elizabeth - Liz - Hurley's 21-year-old nephew was stabbed 'repeatedly' while on a night out in London.

Liz dashed back from New York after hearing the news, and has shared that this is an ‘appalling time’ for her and her family. Miles is Liz’s sister’s, Kate Curran’s, son.

The actress, posting to her Twitter account, shared that four men attacked her nephew Miles Hurley, causing him to lose ‘four pints of blood’. Following the devastating attack, Miles was taken to hospital.

In the initial announcement, Liz wrote, ‘My 21 year old nephew was repeatedly stabbed in a brutal attack in London on Thursday night. The police & hospital are being fantastic. Thank you for all your messages. It is an appalling time for him & our family. The police will be appealing for witnesses.’

She went on to share the horrific details of the attack, revealing that her nephew was tended to by a policeman who was luckily strolling past, before the ambulance arrived.

The 52-year-old also revealed that, thankfully, none of her nephew’s vital organs had been damaged in the stabbing.

She wrote, ‘A policeman was patrolling close by and administered first aid until the ambulance arrived. The deepest wound just missed severing his spine. By some miracle no vital organs were damaged.”

‘We are praying that these animals are caught before they maim, or even kill, someone else. These are sad days.’

Police have confirmed that officers were called to an incident on Thursday night at Ascalon Street, near Battersea Park, following reports of a stabbing. Police have confirmed to the BBC that Miles’ injuries are not life-threatening.

It’s reported by the BBC that a second 21-year-old man was also injured in the attack. However, it’s said that he has now been discharged from hospital.

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Miles was scouted as a model when he was just 13 years old. Liz and Miles are said to be particularly close, with him speaking out in praise of the actress in 2013.

In an interview, he revealed that Liz would often give him advice as he started out in his modelling career.

He said, “I’m really close to my aunt and she’s very supportive of everything I do.

“The best advice she’s given me is just to enjoy myself, work hard and be nice to everybody.”

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