Life coach reveals the serious power of manifestation in mind-blowing video that's dividing fans

A mind-blowing video has gone viral, but some are divided about this bizarre trick that shows the power of manifestation

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A mind-blowing video that shows the power of manifestation has divided some fans as some are bowled over by this bizarre trick, and others are less than impressed.

The video showed the life coach and the message, "You will only hear the word you are reading." Electronic-sounding audio then plays and viewers can hear each of the phrases from the screen while reading the particular phrase in question. 

For example, if the viewer reads the phrase 'green needle' when the audio is playing, then they will hear 'green needle'. If they read 'brainstorm' however, they will hear the word 'brainstorm' in the audio.

Fans are divided about this mind-blowing video, and while some claim it works perfectly, others can't hear all of the phrases. "Sick... tried all of them and heard them all - without looking, I only hear Green Needle 😮" said one fan. "I kept trying until I tricked it but wtf anything u expect u hear," said another baffled fan.

Others were less impressed. "The needles don’t work for me only says storm," said one fan who struggled to hear all of the alternatives. "I was reading green storm and heard brainstorm," said another fan who was also able to beat the audio.

The video demonstrates the power of manifestation and the law of attraction. If you focus on something specific then you can attract it (and even hear it in the video). This trick is therefore applicable to everyday life and encourages individuals to focus on specific things they want to attract into their life.

The life coach who posted the video clip captioned the post, "…and the same thing applies to your life. You can only hear/see/feel what you focus on. You can only attract what you focus on. YOU ARE WHAT YOU FOCUS ON."

Whether it's a new job, a new hobby, or a significant life change, there are a number of things that can be encouraged by positive thinking and manifestation. 

So if you just enjoyed the video because it's a weird trick that's great! But there could also be an exciting life lesson to learn from this mind-blowing video.

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