Lenny Kravitz’s super toned abs in new Instagram post is making winter way more bearable

The 57-year-old artist is breaking the Internet...

Lenny Kravitz
(Image credit: Bravo / Contributor)

Talk about a thirst trap. Lenny Kravitz just posted a black-and-white photo showing off his toned abs and, unsurprisingly, folks on Instagram have been going crazy over it.

In the published picture, Lenny is sporting his signature dreadlocks and sunglasses and is partly covered by a patterned towel but his in-shape physique is still very apparent.

Lenny captioned the image with what we assume to be the time that the photo was snapped, "1:56pm." 

The artist clearly has a "style" when it comes to his Instagram feed. In September of last year, he posted another semi-bare photo, this one captioned, "2:37pm. Good morning. All nighter in the studio last night. 3 albums on the horizon. Getting back in. Love."

Before then, in July of 2021, he uploaded yet another picture showing off his abs. The caption said, "Wednesday. 2:55pm. Building a deck."

In addition to professing their undying passion for his physique and his music, fans took to the social media platform to ask Lenny how he's been taking care of himself so well throughout the years. The singer himself explored the topic in a 2020 Vogue interview, where he explained that he takes an hour-long bike ride around the Bahamas, where he lives, every day, in addition to other active pursuits. 

"That’s been my form of cardio that I enjoy the most here, rather than being on a treadmill," he said to the magazine. "It's getting out in the sun and riding on the road with a lot of it on the ocean. It's so beautiful, and it gives you time to meditate." He went on to mention his grandfather, who lived into his 90s. "With the genes that I have from my parents and my grandparents, we don’t seem to visibly age like one might think, so all of those things together — with, of course, taking care of yourself, putting the right things in your body, and taking care of your mind and spirit — have contributed to aging just being about experiencing and living, not about falling apart," he said.

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