Kim Cattrall on posing near nude at 67: ‘I want to celebrate these years that I have’

Kim Cattrall has taken part in Kim Kardashian’s latest advertising campaign for her shapewear brand, Skims

Kim Cattrall has posed for the latest SKIMS campaign
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“How do I feel about Skims? Oh, you’d like to know, wouldn’t you? Freakin’ fabulous.”

Kim Cattrall, in a series of curve-hugging shapewear, exudes full Samantha Jones energy for her appearance in Kim Kardashian’s latest Skims campaign – although she wants people to know she’s actually not channelling Samantha at all.

Instead, as she told the Hollywood Reporter, she’s simply being herself.

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Her comments are empowering because she wants fans to know that it’s actually Kim, the person, who brings the power and confidence to the character of Samantha, and not the other way round.

When asked if she was invoking the spirit of Samantha for the sexy campaign, she said, “No, I was just being myself. The press said the same thing when I was wearing Olivier’s gorgeous Balmain suit. I think for the rest of my life there will always be that association, and I take it as a fantastic compliment.”

“She was such a wonderful character, but she’s part of me. I created her. It’s not Samantha, it’s me.”

Kim Cattrall is embracing every opportunity at 67

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For her work promoting Skims, another famous Kim was in awe of the actress’ pictures. Skims founder Kim Kardashian sent Kim Cattrall a glowing Instagram message, writing “Iconic!! You look absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so, so much.”

And she wasn’t the only one in love with everything Kim wore for her photoshoot.

“I literally need everything Kim Cattrall is wearing,” one Instagram user wrote while another added, “You entirely got me at Kim Cattrall.”

So, stripping off wasn’t just a show of confidence for Kim C – but a brilliant marketing move for Kim K.

The confidence Kim Cattrall is showing in the campaign is something she’s celebrating more than ever as she gets more vocal about approaching the aging process.

While she’s previously talked about “battling aging in every [she] can” after rejecting cosmetic treatments in her 40s, the star of Netflix’s Glamorous is also happy with the change in attitude towards getting older.  

She said, “When I look back on what 40 and 50 and now 60 looks like… I feel we’ve come a long way. What’s changed, most importantly, is my attitude towards aging.”

“I’m saying yes to things that are positive and nurturing for me. I want to celebrate these years that I have.”

She continued, “I didn’t know my grandparents, so I never really saw getting older and what it looks like up close. At 93, my mom finally said, ‘I’m tired.’ When I get to the point when I say, ‘I’m tired,’ I want to know that I’ve lived a very full and prosperous life.”

“How that begins is with me and how I feel. That is something that I’ll continue to do because that leads to a fulfilling life and it leads to happiness for me."

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