Kim Cattrall 'battling ageing in every way I can' after rejecting cosmetic procedures in her 40s

The Sex and the City star has changed her mind about plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments since entering her 60s

Kim Cattrall 'battling ageing in every way I can' in her 60s
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Kim Cattrall has revealed that she's "battling ageing in every way I can", after previously admitting to being frightened of plastic surgery. 

The Sex and the City star has changed her perspective on cosmetic treatments, which she previously ruled out as unnecessary and frightening. The insight comes shortly after it was revealed she would be reprising her role as Samantha Jones in And Just Like That Season 2, much to the delight of the spin-off's viewers. 

"I probably said that in my forties!" Cattrall, 66, told the Sunday Times. "I’m in my sixties now and I’m all about battling ageing in every way I can."

The Filthy Rich star went on the list of all the "many other alternatives" and "treatments" that fight ageing, including "fillers" and "Botox". 

"There’s so many different things that you can investigate and try and see if it’s for you," she said. "But yes, if you have the money and, more importantly, the right surgeon. It can’t be emphasised enough. You want to look like you!" 

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Cattrall's latest comments suggest that she's had a major change of tune when it comes to plastic surgery. In past interviews, the And Just Like That star had been notably critical of the superficial beauty standards in Hollywood and even implied she wouldn't go under the knife herself. 

"I think a forehead without any lines doesn't tell me they've lived a life," she told the Daily Mail in 2011, implying she wasn't a fan of injecting her skin to erase wrinkles. "I don't want to look in the mirror and not recognize who's looking back." 

She also previously told the publication that she's "been dieting my whole life because I have a tremendous appetite."

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Kim Cattrall's on-screen character in Sex and the City, Samantha Jones, has never been shy about her own use of cosmetic procedures. 

In the first Sex and the City movie, the PR publicist famously tells best friend Carrie Bradshaw, "I don't really believe in marriage; now Botox on the other hand, that works every time" in response to the news of her engagement to Mr Big. 

In her real life, Cattrall hopes to use cosmetic procedures to "look like the best version of myself." 

"So, whatever I can do — because thankfully I have funds to do so," she added. 

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