Kim Cattrall just shared a throwback photo of her first acting gig and we're obsessed

Did you know that Sean Penn's dad directed Kim Cattrall's first-ever acting job back in 1977?

Kim Cattrall
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Although predominantly known for starring in the beloved late '90s HBO series Sex and the City as Samantha Jones, Kim Cattrall's acting career actually kicked off in the '70s - and the star has got the photo to prove it.

Last week, Kim, who famously moved away from Sex and the City years ago, posted a throwback Polaroid picture on Twitter of her very first acting job on the set of a period drama called Testimony of Two Men.

In the picture, Kim, now 66 years old, is seen wearing a brown curly wig under a straw hat with an attached lace veil. Fans can also peek at her outfit: a white top with a high collar and puffed-up sleeves. A period piece indeed!

Kim's followers immediately commented on the post to sing the actress' praises and wax nostalgic about the TV show.

"A beauty then, a beauty now. Can’t wait to see what’s next!" a fan wrote.

"Love the original selfie! So cool!! ♥️👏🏻," yet another commented.

"Wow! So cool and love the look," someone else noted. "Wish we still dressed this way."

Speaking of outfits, Kim recently made headlines when wearing a bejeweled octopus hat in a photo posted to Instagram. As odd as the fashion choice seemed at first glance, fans now believe that the post actually had a double meaning and served as a clue for what’s next on her acting roster.

Kim, in fact, captioned the image "hatcopus" and tagged costume designer Patricia Field in the comments. Patricia has famously worked on all Sex and the City-related projects, but she's also the costume designer on the Netflix show Emily in Paris.

A question, therefore, makes itself apparent: is Kim joining the cast of Emily in Paris?

It's all just speculation for now but Kim did attend the season 3 premiere of the Netflix series back in December of 2022 and even posed for pictures with Patricia then. 

Let's not forget the fact that the creator of Sex and the City, Darren Star, also happens to be the man behind Emily in Paris. 

Darren has actually spoken up about a potential Kim appearance. While chatting with SiriusXM in late 2022, the TV guru said, "It would be amazing to have Kim on the show." We could not agree more.

Is the comment a foreshadowing of things to come? We surely hope so - especially considering that season two of And Just Like Like That…, the Sex and the City reboot that captured fans' hearts when it premiered on HBO Max last year despite Kim's obvious absence, is scheduled to drop next month.

We won't have Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim on the same show - but, at the very least, we'll get to see both actresses on TV at the same time!

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