JLo's chestnut brown cupboards in her low lit kitchen are giving us deep wood decor inspiration

BRB, we're rescheduling a kitchen renovation in our own homes after seeing this video

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In a recent video posted by JLo, we got a close look at her kitchen, which includes her chestnut brown cupboards that perfectly add to the cosy vibe of the room. 

We've been long admirers of JLo's kitchen - from the cosy lavender baskets hanging from the ceiling of her kitchen to the incredible cream and chrome furniture she has displayed throughout the room, it's very subtly chic. However, we recently noticed a new detail of the kitchen through a video on her Instagram, and it just made her kitchen even more visually desirable. 

In case you missed it, JLo has her very own bottled cocktail business called Delola, in which she's developed a variety of fruity flavours that are the perfect addition to anyone's pantry. And, speaking of pantries, we just noticed that JLo has the most magnificent dark chestnut wooden cabinets in her kitchen, and they're giving us some serious home decor inspiration. 

Although the video was not intended to flash her subtly chic chestnut cabinets - she actually was showing one of the delicious flavours of Delola, Bella Berry Spritz, and how you could use it in a punch for your next holiday party - we couldn't help but notice how cosy the deep brown wood shade looked in her kitchen. 

Dark wood isn't a new home trend that's been on our minds, but JLo's use of it just confirmed that it is, indeed, a universally beloved shade of wood - and really is making us think about transforming our entire kitchen to have dark wooden accents. 

If that seems a bit out of reach for you at the moment - as not all of us have thousands to spend on a kitchen remodel, although JLo likely does - don't worry, we've rounded up a handful of products that can help get you on your way toward having a chic, dark wood kitchen.

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