Jennifer Lawrence is expecting her first child with husband Cooke Maroney—but who is this mysterious art mogul?

Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Cooke Maroney have announced their exciting pregnancy news

Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Cooke Maroney have announced their exciting pregnancy news
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It’s baby bells for Jennifer Lawrence! 

The Hunger Games star is expecting her first child with husband Cooke Maroney, her rep has confirmed. The happy news has been met by an outpouring of congratulations from the actress’s legion of fans—many of whom were stunned to find out she was pregnant. 

Despite her A-list status, Jennifer tends to keep a low profile, avoiding social media and evading paparazzi whenever possible. She has been particularly quiet as of late, having recently wrapped up production on her upcoming film alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Don't Look Up. Jennifer Lawrence urged fans to fight back against the Republican party's 'radical wing' back in June, but since then, there's been little word from the Oscar-winning actress.

With so much excitement surrounding her pregnancy announcement, we thought we'd mark the occasion by looking back at the superstar's mysterious relationship with the not-so-well-known Cooke Maroney. From how they first met to their discreet wedding ceremony, here's everything you need to know about this powerhouse couple.  

Cooke Maroney

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Who is Jennifer Lawrence married to? 

Jennifer Lawrence is married to art dealer and gallery director, Cooke Maroney. The pair were introduced to each other by a mutual friend in early 2018 and quickly hit it off, officially becoming a couple later that summer. 

When did Jennifer Lawrence get married? 

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney tied the knot on 19 October 2019, eight months after becoming engaged. Their wedding reception took place at a luxurious mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, and was attended by over 150 guests, including Emma Stone, Kris Jenner, and Adele. While no official photos of the event were released, it’s believed that Jennifer wore an embellished Dior dress to exchange her vows. 


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What age is Cooke Maroney, Jennifer Lawrence’s husband? 

At 37, Cooke Maroney is six years older than Jennifer Lawrence. He was born on 3 July 1984 in Vermont, to dairy farmer parents with a passion for the arts. 

What does Cooke Maroney do? 

Cooke Maroney is the director-at-large of New York’s Gladstone Gallery, a renowned gallery for modern and contemporary artwork. 

What is Cooke Maroney’s net worth? 

Cooke Maroney reportedly holds a net worth of approximately $25 million, thanks to his successful career as a dealer in New York's prestigious art industry. While his bank account is enough to make most people’s eyes water, it’s hardly impressive when compared with his wife’s. Jennifer boasts a net worth of about $160 million and was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016. 

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