Is Catherine Zeta-Jones still married to Michael Douglas and how many children does she have?

Here is everything you need to know about Catherine Zeta-Jones, the actress playing Morticia Addams in Netflix's Wednesday

Catherine Zeta-Jones
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Catherine Zeta-Jones is currently appearing in the hit Netflix series Wednesday as the iconic Morticia Addams, and fans want to know more about this fabulous actress' life.

The Welsh actress who first made her name in The Darling Buds of May, Catherine Zeta-Jones, has recently sparked interest from fans as she appeared in the new Netflix hit series, Wednesday. The actress has also set to star as the villain Billie Pearce in National Treasure: Edge of History, which is set to release on December 14.

Fans want to know more about this Hollywood actress and whether she is still married to Michael Douglas, who she married in 2000.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Is Catherine Zeta-Jones married?

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been happily married to Michael Douglas for over 20 years, and the couple celebrated their 22 year anniversary in November this year. 

Michael is exactly 25 years older than Catherine (the pair share a birthday) and their relationship raised eyebrows when they first got together. Catherine joked recently that even she didn't expect their relationship to last as long as it has. 

On Good Morning America, while promoting her new film, Catherine said was asked who was the better gift giver around the holiday season. "I think it has to be Michael," responded Catherine. "I peaked around - I've been married 22 years - I peaked around year eight. If I’d known I would be married so long, I would’ve held back a bit! I wasn't envisioning a 22 year-er, this is Hollywood, man!"

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In recent interviews, Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed the secret to 22-year marriage to Michael Douglas, and has spoken about how much time they spend with one another. The actress told The Telegraph, "We’ll walk around a golf course together for four hours at a time. We have a lot of serious similarities too."

"We’re just very good with one another, we respect each other, and I never really feel that he’s 25 years older than me. I remember people saying, 'When you’re 50, he’s going to be 75.' Well, that’s just maths," she said.

Does Catherine Zeta-Jones have children?

Many young viewers will primarily know Catherine in a maternal role, as she plays a mother in Netflix's Wednesday. This had led some to question whether the actress has any children of her own.

Catherine has two children, both from her marriage to Michael Douglas. The couple's first son is named Dylan Michael and was born in August 2000. Their daughter was born just three years later in April 2003 and is named Carys Zeta. Aged 22 and 19, Catherine's children have been joining their parents on the red carpet over the years, but generally keep a low profile.

In an interview with People, Catherine said, "Both my daughter and Dylan have been so incredibly supportive to me, not just as an actor, but just me, you know," she added, "I've been extremely blessed to be able to have both in my life."

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Fans have already reached the end of Wednesday and are desperate for more content from Catherine Zeta-Jones and can be reassured that her latest film, National Treasure: Edge of History, will be released before Christmas!

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