Helen George Reveals The Clever Ways Call The Midwife Have Hidden Her Real-Life Pregnancy In Series 7

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  • Many of us may have seen that Helen George’s character Trixie, was looking a bit bigger than normal in the latest series of Call the Midwife. 

    Filming it while pregnant, she’s talked about how the cast and crew had to hide her pregnancy while filming. “I did the Christmas special and the first four episodes [of the new series, which starts on Sunday], but after that I was too big. I was always carrying things or sitting behind a high desk to conceal my bump,” she revealed in a Radio Times interview. 

    “My face and boobs were getting bigger and bigger, it was ridiculous. That’s why they dressed me up as the pantomime cow in the Christmas show.”


    A first time mum, the 33 year-old actress also talked about how different her life is post baby. “It’s interesting… it has its moments. I can’t just pop out to the pub or the theatre when I want to. Jack does look after the baby while I go out for a couple of hours, and I don’t feel guilty about it. I think it’s necessary for my mental health”.

    [instagram]https://www.instagram.com/p/BZvKGLGFrvE/?taken-by=helenrgeorge [/instagram] 

    Helen, who had daughter Wren Ivy in October with Call the Midwife star Jack Ashton also denied claims that the pair had wed in secret, or were planning to marry soon. “No, we have no plans. The rumours started after I posted a photo of my baby shower [after Wren had been born] on Instagram, wearing this ring.

    “I only wore it on that finger because my hands swelled up when I was pregnant!”  

    And Helen also revealed she’ll be taking Wren Ivy to the set, when filming starts again this April.

    “They let me take my dog on set, and other actresses have taken their babies [Claire Foy did so during the filming of the first series of The Crown], but I haven’t looked for nannies or child-minders yet.

    “I won’t even get a dog-walker for my Jack Russell, so I don’t know how I’ll cope with handing my child over to someone else.”

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