Has Giovanni ever won Strictly? Why 2021 looks set to be his year...

Giovanni Pernice will compete with celebrity partner Rose Ayling-Ellis in Strictly Come Dancing's final next week

Has Giovanni ever won Strictly and why 2021 could be his year
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Giovanni Pernice has officially made it to the long-awaited final on Sunday, but has the Italian dancer ever actually won Strictly Come Dancing? 

The Sicilian ballroom pro and his celebrity partner, Rose Ayling-Ellis, have consistently wowed the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 judges with their incredible performances over the past couple of months, bagging three of the series' highest scoring dances and averaging an impressive 34.4 points overall. 

Their seductive routine of the Argentine Tango to A Evaristo Carriego by Eduardo Rovira in last night's Semi Final solidified their place in next week's final, prompting mass speculation over whether or not the couple will be crowned the Strictly Come Dancing winner

The pair has been a fan favorite ever since the Series 19 premiered, with many viewers praising the duo for bringing a much-needed awareness to the deaf community in their rehearsals and choreography. 

Eastenders actor Rose, 27, is the first-ever deaf contestant to participate on the glitzy BBC show, and has been using her newfound platform to educate the public on this issue ever since Day One on set. Not only has she inspired her fellow Strictly Come Dancing stars to learn sign language, she has also incorporated some of its vocabulary into her dances with Gio.

Rose and Giovanni Strictly

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Hopeless romantics have unsurprisingly lapped up the undeniable Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice chemistry, which has long been credited as the secret weapon in their pursuit of victory. 

Rumors of a relationship between the two have been swirling since the onset of the series, despite the fact the English soap star has been dating her boyfriend Sam for over seven years. 

With so much Strictly success (and drama) already under their belts, it's no surprise the pair have been tipped to take home the gold. 

Gio and Rose

Giovanni and Rose have been tipped to win Strictly 2021

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Has Giovanni ever won Strictly?

Despite his impressive track record during his seven years on the series, the Italian dancer has never claimed the coveted Strictly Come Dancing crown. 

He has come close, reaching the final in 2018, 2017 and 2015, but is yet to win the entire thing. Here's why we think 2021 could be the year he finally takes the trophy. 

Why Giovanni could win Strictly in 2021

Giovanni may never have been named the Strictly co-champ, but if there was ever a year to nab that Glitterball trophy, it's 2021. Along with his streak of high scores and irresistible charm, there's a couple key factors that could edge him and Rose closer to winning the final prize. 

The 31-year-old has already been hailed as the most popular professional on the series, gaining a whopping 200,000 Instagram followers since the first live show on 25 September—an increase of more than 45%. His high status in the social media hierarchy is likely to give him a one-up on his rival pro partners, Kai Widdrington and Johanne Radebe, who both have a significantly smaller digital fanbase. 

Giovanni's personal life has also been a hot topic in the British press over the past few weeks, especially in light of his recent break up with Maura Higgins. The reality TV couple called it quits in October, in a move that only drew more attention to the Strictly pro's relationship with Rose. With so much support (or at the very least, interest) from the public, it's safe to say that Giovanni is heading into next week's final with a major advantage. 

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