Gogglebox casting 2021—how to apply and how much you might earn

Gogglebox casting opened its applications window once again! Here's how you can get paid to watch telly

Gogglebox season 18
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Gogglebox casting 2021 is a closely kept secret and after the hit Channel 4 show opened the floodgates—now might be your time to become a prime-time star.

If you've spent months waiting for the hit show's big comeback, then you were likely devastated to hear that some Gogglebox stars weren't returning following the passing of some key cast members.

Devoted fans of the hit Channel 4 show can't be blamed for feeling they have a personal relationship with its cast members. Considering the bizarre intimacy of seeing people watch TV in their own homes, the show's iconic stars are basically family to its loyal viewers.

The show has proven a springboard for some of those who've graced the cast lineup, most notably Scarlett Moffat who's gone on to have an illustrious TV career. This could make anyone consider applying to go on the show—so here's how.

How to apply for Gogglebox 2021

Cast watch Gogglebox UK 2020

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If you've always dreamt of appearing on the show or thought you'd be a good fit, you'll be disappointed to hear the show's bosses just completed a recruitment drive.

Although the show's method of casting is a closely kept secret, executive producer Victoria Ray spoke to the Daily Star, revealing what they look for in, 'charismatic and engaging' armchair critics.

Rumor has it that the show's production team usually scouts new cast members by traveling up and down the UK in search of new talent. This means that the next time you're out in the shops or for lunch with your family, you might get picked up by a scout!

"The ideal people are ones who don't know that they're funny. We like people who are charismatic, engaging, and don't necessarily see themselves as TV personalities," Victoria said. "We like to pick people who don't want to be on the telly."

"It's good when they have no filter because then they don't second-guess themselves when they're talking," she explained. "We basically want people that you warm to and you want to see in your living rooms."

How much do you get paid on Gogglebox?

According to reports, each household gets a whopping £1500 each per month and a free takeaway on filming day, according to The Sun.

A show insider told the publication that the fee is then split between each household at their own discretion. In other words—you're better off having a smaller family! 

One thing that isn't affected by the amount of people in your home is the amount of food you can order from the free takeaway of your choice, which you get twice a week to keep you fuelled during the gruelling, six hour filming sessions.

Those who appear on the show have to watch 12 hours of TV each every week, spread over two six-hour filming shifts.

How to watch Gogglebox

You can watch Gogglebox season 18 weekly, from Friday Sept 17, 2021, on Channel 4 at 9pm.

If you have plans on those days, luckily you can catch up on the latest episodes, as well as their back catalogue, on All 4.

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