The £8 Eye Mask Thousands Are Claiming Helps Them Nod Off

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In this modern world, it seems it's now harder than ever to get a good night's sleep.

With the pressures of work, family life and friends, plus the distraction of technology, it feels like it's now harder to switch off and leave the day behind than ever before.

So it's no wonder that a lot of us are taking to tricks and devices to help us getting a restful night's snoozing.

In particular, one sleep mask is winning over the approval of hundreds of tired customers, with many taking to Amazon to sing its praises.

The Sleep/Eye Mask from Bedtime Bliss has received almost 300 five star reviews, and has won itself many favourable reviews on the website.

While some customers did criticise the mask for letting light in, most Amazon consumers were happy with the product, professing how useful it is.

Many lauded it for being adjustable to fit their heads, while others said that its softness means it's easy to sleep in.

One fan wrote, "I've used an eye mask for years, this is by far the best one I've found, it rarely slips off, it's adjustable, it's very well made, I wouldn't now bother trying any other eye mask as I don't think you'd get better."

While another said, "Eye mask and earplugs are well worth the money. The mask is nice and soft and fits gently on my face. It's not too wide - i can sleep on my side without it moving away from my face. So comfortable I'm thinking of buying another as a spare."

Another customer said, Love this mask! Doesn't let the light in which is perfect for the summer and very comfortable. Going to buy my husband one too!

And it seems the eye-mask is even more popular over in the US, already winning over 9,600 reviews on the Amazon US site.

Over 66% of the American reviews are 5* reviews too, so it's clearly doing something right!

The eye mask is contoured, meaning it won't put pressure on your eyes as others might. It's also made from organic bamboo, which the company, Bedtime Bliss, call "softer than silk". Sounds good to us! It's also machine-washable, meaning that post-sleep eye dust will be gone in an instant.

Brilliantly, the sleep aid also comes with free ear plugs, to block out those pesky late night sounds that might be keeping you up.

It's sold for the affordable price of £8.90 - a reasonable ask given that many contoured eye masks sell for double the price.

Will you be buying one?

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