Eddie Redmayne fangirling over Julia Roberts at the Golden Globes is the most relatable thing we’ve seen all week

While on the Golden Globes red carpet, Eddie Redmayne professed his love for fellow actor Julia Roberts

Eddie Redmayne
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There are few things as hilarious as seeing celebrities get excited over meeting other famous people. As they say: stars, they’re just like us!

While chatting with E!'s Laverne Cox on the Golden Globes red carpet, Eddie Redmayne, the star of The Good Nurse on Netflix, got very candid about his obsession with fellow Academy Award winner Julia Roberts.

"So Jessica revealed that you're obsessed with Julia Roberts," Laverne directly said to Eddie, who attended the event with his wife Hannah Bagshawe. The host was referring to an October 2022 interview with E! News, when Jessica, who starred in The Good Nurse alongside Eddie, basically trolled her pal over his love for Julia.

"I mean, it's definitely true. I am obsessed," Eddie said to Laverne while his wife was smiling beside him. "We [went] to an event recently and I told Jessica that Pretty Woman was one of my favorite movies and Jessica took it upon herself to try and sort of force me or force Julia to come and say hi. And she just made it very humiliating because you want to be cool when you meet Julia and that was not happening."

Back in October, when Eddie's excitement over all things Julia was first made public, Jessica cutely poked fun at him. "He's obsessed with her," she noted. "He's obsessed and I plan on embarrassing him tonight - using that to my advantage."

Last night, Laverne pointed out to Eddie that he might have the chance to actually meet Julia since she was nominated for her work on Gaslit.

"Maybe you can pitch her a project tonight, who knows?," the host joked.

"Do you think? What sort of project?," the 41-year-old actor retorted. 

"Eddie, you're the Oscar winner. You got this. Hannah will be by your side," Laverne replied.

Although we’re not sure whether Eddie actually got to meet Julia last night, we’d like to suggest a collaboration between the two stars in the near future. Jessica might perhaps join as well?

Speaking of projects, Eddie was at last night's awards show because nominated in the best supporting actor in a motion picture category for his work in The Good Nurse.

Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne

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In the movie, Jessica plays Amy Loughren, a single mother of two with a life-threatening heart condition that works the night shift as a nurse at an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in New Jersey. Eddie is Charles Cullen, also a nurse who starts working alongside Amy and actually eases her stress at the hospital. The two develop an intense friendship until a string of odd patient deaths kicks off an investigation that leads to Charles Cullen as the prime suspect. Authorities ask Amy for help in uncovering the truth.

Inspired by Charles Graeber’s eponymous book, The Good Nurse actually chronicles a true story - a fact that makes watching the film that much more terrifying. 

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