Ed Sheeran opens up on how his relationship with wife Cherry Seaborn could have been a 'disaster'

Ed Sheeran has spoken about his wife and daughter in a new interview

Ed Sheeran's wife and daughter
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Ed Sheeran’s wife and daughter have been a topic of conversation in a new interview with Dax Shephard as the singer discusses his personal life and career.

Ed Sheeran married Cherry Seaborn in 2019 and the couple share a daughter named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn. Ed and his wife have kept fairly quiet about their relationship and their lives together, but in a new interview to promote his album Equals, he's opened up about life with his wife and daughter.

Ed and Cherry grew up in the same town in Suffolk and knew each other before Ed became famous. Dax Shephard, who is now married to The Good Place star Kristen Bell, revealed to Ed that he was somewhat jealous that Ed had managed to find a partner who knew him before his fame.

Dax referred to Cherry as Ed's 'childhood sweetheart' but Ed quickly corrected Dax and explained that their relationship had not been that simple...

Ed said about his relationship with Cherry, "I dated girls in between and I feel that I learned a lot about dating, and I think had I dated Cherry from the age—"

"Oh it would have been a disaster!" interjected Dax helpfully. "Yeah," replied Ed before adding, "because I did have a high school girlfriend who the first album is about—weirdly we're all still friends and we all still go on holiday together." He also revealed that there are no hard feelings between himself and his ex-girlfriend. 

"I was with her for four years, my first girlfriend, and I think with Chez [Cherry] it wasn't planned," continued Ed as he revealed that actually, it was luck that he and Cherry reconnected.

"She got a scholarship to a university and I went on tour, so we lost touch. She went to Duke and played field hockey there. And then I got lonely on tour, really lonely because it was just me on stage. And I took my best friend Lauren on tour with me and we just hung out," said Ed as he revealed it was Lauren who brought the couple together. 

"Then one day she [Lauren} was in New York and she went to go hang out with Cherry because Cherry was in New York and worked on Wall Street and then she was like, 'Cherry Seaborn's in town, do you wanna hang out?' I was like 'yes' and in my head, the last time I'd seen Cherry we'd hooked up."

Ed explained that although the pair had only shared a kiss, he wondered if Cherry would remember their romance as it took place such a long time ago. Fortunately, the rest is history as the couple reconnected and are now married and parents to their daughter Lyra. 

Dax asked, "Is there some kind of comfort knowing 'this girl has known me since the get-go'?" Ed explained that he feels like he is fully himself with Cherry and in their home with his family and friends in Suffolk. He added that he doesn't buy into the celebrity culture that is often present in larger cities such as London. 

He revealed that he often asks close celebrity pals to join him in Suffolk to get to know the real him. He added that his pal Taylor Swift is now good friends with Cherry and she's been to spend time with them at their home. 

Ed also spoke about the pub he built on his land, explaining, "There's total separation from the house now which is good because now that I have a daughter, my house is this kind of sacred zone that I don't really let people in." 

He continued that he often leaves his friends in there if they want to continue drinking so he isn't concerned about waking baby Lyra up as there's no noise pollution from the pub. 

In another interview to promote his latest album, Ed revealed on a Dutch podcast Man, Man, Man, that when he was younger he questioned his sexuality.

The singer revealed, “I have a definite feminine side, to the point that when I was a kid I thought I was gay for a bit. I definitely have a big feminine side. I love musical theatre, I love pop music, I love Britney Spears.”

He added that he also has a more stereotypically masculine side to his personality. “My masculine side probably stops at drinking beer and watching football. I am not a car guy. I like a nice car, but I’m not a car guy,” he said.

This appears to be the first time that Ed has spoken about his sexuality, which makes a change for the singer who typically uses his music to speak about love and relationships, as opposed to interviews. 

Ed Sheeran's new album Equals was released on October, 29 and includes hit singles "Bad Habits" and "Shivers." 

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