Eamonn Holmes Embarrassed After Confession Of Private Moment With Ruth

Ruth and Eamonn

They're a TV couple and a real-life couple, which often means that the private lives of Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are rarely out of the public eye.

The pair are usually pretty open and honest, and share lots of candid details about their relationship on-screen, including confessions of tense holiday spats and heated arguments at home.

But it's not often that the duo discuss the more private, intimate side of their lives together. So when the recent news that Ruth and Eamonn had visited an infamous UK sex party together came out, the TV presenters were undeniably left more than a little flustered...

Before you jump to conclusions, the presenting pair actually only visited the high-end sex gathering in Hampshire for their Channel 5 show, 'Ruth and Eamonn: How The Other Half Live...'

The couple ventured to the exclusive, intimate event as part of an undercover mission for the show, in order to suss out how ‘the other half' might like to spend their money.

Much to the couple's embarrasment, their escapades were revealed during a broadcast of Good Morning Britain, which Eamonn is temporarily hosting.

GMB co-host Charlotte Hawkins was quick to point out the revealing article in a newspaper, and quipped, "It looks like you quite enjoyed it though."

Sean Fletcher, another stand-in presenter for the show, also chipped in, saying "I'm with Charlotte there, you look a little bit red."

Eamonn then awkwardly attempted to explain situation to his co-hosts, making sure they were aware that it was for his and Ruth's show.

The veteran TV host then clearly attempted to divert attention, joking with Charlotte, saying, "Well, have you been Charlotte? Have you been to a sex party before?"

He continued, "When the figures go through the roof on 'When Eamon and Ruth investigate sexual parties', it might be a whole franchise as well!"

The private party visited by the TV hosts is said to provide a luxury experience for high-end clientele, with public and private rooms and a variety of sex paraphernalia on offer. That's one way to spend your Friday night!

But it's not the only awkward moment Eamonn has had to bear over the last few days. The presenter was accused of some less than pleasing behaviour recently on GMB, over his treatment of colleague Charlotte.Eamonn was slated by viewers, who accused him of patronising his co-host.

The pair were discussing the increasing crimes of moped theft, to which Charlotte stated that the average age of the criminals was only around 15.

Eamonn fiercely bit back against Charlotte suggesting that the age of the criminals should come into consideration, patting her on the shoulder and sarcastically commenting, "You're right, let them get away with it. They're only 15, bless them.

"Let them mug people, let them throw acid on people. You're right."

The comment was met with outrage from social media users, with one writing "Makes me cringe every time he pats her arm."


While another even suggested his was mimicking the show's permanent host, Piers Morgan...


Other watchers even called him a "dreadful presenter". So was he in the wrong?

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