This Is What Will Happen In Doctor Foster Season 3, According To The Show’s Creator

Even since the explosive finale of season two, Doctor Foster fans have been awaiting confirmation of a third season...

And while it’s not officially been confirmed yet, the hit BBC series’ creator has hinted on where the plot will lead in the next series.

Mike Bartlett, who created and wrote the explosive first and second season, has revealed what themes the third season might explore.

In the tense final episode of series 2, viewers witnessed an unexpected twist when Gemma and Simon’s son, Tom, took off in the midst of their fighting.

The young man had clearly reached his limits after a tumultuous few weeks, and devastated Gemma was left begging for her son to return as the series closed.

Mike has shared that season three would likely be very much focused on Tom’s future.

He told the Radio Times, “That ending of series two leaves a lot open to come back to: where has the son Tom gone and what’s happening to him?

“What happens to the parents? That’s the sort of story territory we’d be in, but it’s not written yet.”

Suranne Jones has also confessed that Mike’s vision for the third season would actually align neatly with her own, were it to go ahead.

“Obviously I want Tom to come home, for her. I think it would be nice if they rectified their relationship. I don’t know what her and Simon’s relationship would be. But it would be nice for her and Tom to rectify that.”

There have been plenty of whisperings that another season of the drama is on the cards, but Mike revealed that, as of yet, no one from the BBC has officially asked him to make any more of it. In fact, he shared that if it were to come back, it would be his decision.

“I will decide when to write a third series of Doctor Foster. It’s totally up to me.

“No-one has ever put pressure on me to make more of it.

“I think the BBC would rather I did something new, but if we do bring Doctor Foster back it will only thrive if we do it at the right time.”

The news comes as it has been rumoured that a third season of the series had been given the green-light by BBC executives. Reportedly, following its huge success at the National Television Awards, bosses are keener than ever to bring it back.

Last season also saw Simon’s world turn upside down, with Gemma convincing his wife Kate to leave the country with their daughter. Viewers witnessed Simon’s fury over the development – so could he be out for revenge in season 3?

And if so, will Gemma stay in Parminster? The warring exes fought tooth and nail to lay claim on the town, and it seems only one can win. So who will it be?

We can’t wait to find out!

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