The Crown star Erin Doherty describes royal family as ‘jarring’, revealing why they left her feeling ‘angry’

crown erin doherty royal family angry
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Erin Doherty has opened up about her feelings on the royal family.

The actress has just joined the cast of Netflix drama The Crown as Princess Anne, the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

And the star has now opened up about her thoughts on the royal family, saying that she finds the concept of the establishment “jarring” because of the fact that people don’t accept when royals complain about anything because they seemingly have everything.

“I don't know how they do it,” she admitted, adding that they are still human beings with feelings.

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Speaking about her character Princess Anne, the star explained to The Sunday Times Culture magazine that she becomes angry by the thought of the constraints that were put around the royal.

“You feel the cement forming around you, and it makes you angry,” she said. “But it's so much fun to play.”

The actress added that she has an “immense amount of sympathy” for her character Princess Anne, saying that she views her as just a young teenage girl “trying to figure it out”.

crown erin doherty royal family angry

“She went through that experience of being in the public eye, and everyone ripping her to shreds,” said Erin. “People tore her apart!”

Erin has opened up on her opinion of Princess Anne before, previously telling the Daily Mail, “when Anne was a teenager and in her early 20s she was right on point.

"I was amazed by these incredible photos of Anne on the streets of London, rocking a miniskirt and leather boots. I felt more like her when I was wearing those clothes, when she's rebelling.

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“It was a really important part of the story to show her as a teenager, going partying and having fun. It's great to see these characters in these very normal situations.”

Speaking about the royal’s love life, the star added, 'She's pretty much surrounded by the family most of the time, but when she gets in a room with a man it's a very different Anne.”

'I can't wait for people to see it. She's flirty and she's up for it. But she's still no-nonsense. She's like, ‘Well, we're not going to beat around the bush here.’ She's brilliant”.

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