Viewers have one big problem with Sheridan Smith's hard-hitting new ITV drama, Cleaning Up

Sheridan Smith

Last night, national treasure Sheridan Smith returned to our TV screens in the much-anticipated ITV drama, Cleaning Up.

The show focuses on Sheridan's character Sam, who struggles with a gambling addiction and has just lost custody of her children due to financial instability.

But things seem to be looking up for Sam when she secures a job as a cleaner at a top financial firm in the city.

Soon after starting work, Sam discovers that the bankers are involved in illegal trading by spying on their computers after hours and sees it as an opportunity to make her millions - and turn her life around.

It's certainly an exciting premise, but some fans have taken issue with the fact that Sheridan's character was able to access the company's data so easily after everyone had left the building.

One viewer joked, 'All those screens left unlocked overnight 🤷♂️ I get in trouble for leaving mine unlocked for a minute walking away from my desk! Something tells me insider trading isn’t their only problem #CleaningUp'

While another said how the script was clearly written before the new GDPR regulations. They wrote, 'Looks like this company has never heard of GDPR! Unlocked screens, important stuff on desks #CleaningUp'.

Another fan said, 'I loved #CleaningUp but all those unlocked computer screens in the office were really stressing me out!'

Of course, the show is only a dramatisation andmany fans were quick to remind their fellow viewers that it isn't necessarily meant to reflect real life, encouraging critics to "use their imagination".

Plenty of viewers were delighted by the show, commenting on how good they found Sheridan's performance.

One wrote, 'Sheridan Smith is just so good in every role she plays. Another great @itv drama 👏 #CleaningUp'.

While another said, '#CleaningUp was amazing!!! But then again, anything with @Sheridansmith1 in, never disappoints!!!! 😍'.

A third also said, 'Just watched #CleaningUp on @ITV and omg @Sheridansmith1 is sooo phenomenally amazing in this show! Yet again she smashes it!!! Can’t wait to see what else is in store!'

Cleaning Up will run for six episodes, continuing next Wednesday at 9pm on ITV. Will you be tuning in?

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