Classic icon Joan Collins doesn’t rate modern Hollywood – except for these four stars

Do you agree with Dame Joan?

Joan Collins doesn't rate modern Hollywood too highly - except for four stars
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If we had to take anyone’s advice on whether modern day movie stars compare to the Golden Era of Hollywood, there aren’t many people who we’d consider reliable sources.

That is except for Dame Joan Collins.

Dame Joan counts among the last few – the very last few – of the classic Hollywood legends, up there with the likes of Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sophia Loren.

From starring alongside some of the most famous names to have graced the silver screen – we’re talking Bette Davis, Paul Newman and Warren Beatty – Joan starred in plenty of movies from Hollywood’s studio era, mingling with the likes of Marlon Brando and swapping advice with Marilyn Monroe.

Joan Collins starred alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names

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Joan would go on to really make her name on television, reigning over the soap era of the 1980s as uber bitch Alexis Carrington in Dynasty.

Having huge success that’s continued to this day – continuing to star in shows like American Horror Story and writing books as she celebrates her 90th birthday – Joan can most definitely be trusted as an authority on the current state of affairs.

And the outlook… is bleak.

Speaking to Best magazine in the United Kingdom, Joan bemoaned the state of modern Hollywood, saying, “The parties I go to now are kind of...dull. They are red carpet things in which everybody does behave. If you don't behave now you are going to get cancelled.”

Joan Collins had positive words for four of today's major stars, including Nicole Kidman

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It wasn’t all bad news. There were four stars from the current crop of A-listers who the Dynasty icon considers worthy of measuring up with the late, great screen legends.

Who were these lucky lot?

That would be Nicole Kidman, Barbie star Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves.

Opening up about who she views as the crème de la crème, Joan said, “I think Nicole Kidman is fabulous and Margot Robbie is one of the great beauties.”

Adding the two men to the list, she continued, Particularly Brad, he is like one of the movie stars of the Golden Age.”

Joan Collins is a fan of Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman

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Despite turning a milestone age earlier this year, Joan has no intention of stepping out of the spotlight – proving she’s still ready to show the newer generations how the screen legends did it.

She most recently teased an upcoming movie role, posting a typically fabulous selfie underneath a wide-brimmed hat with the caption, “#keepitunderyourhat but I’m playing a famous historical figure in an upcoming movie!”

While she was keeping details scarce, woman&home have previously reported that Dame Joan was set to star as a controversial royal figure – Wallis Simpson.

Previous sources stated Joan was to take on the role of the Duchess of Windsor for an upcoming project, In Bed with the Duchess, which may become a film or TV series.

She revealed, “I play the Duchess of Windsor from the time that the Duke died right up until her death. It's a fabulous story.”

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