The Supermodel Proving Age Is Just A Number

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  • 63-year-old model Christie Brinkley has taken her place on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s February issue – proving once again that age really is nothing more than a number.

    The stunning mother of two is pictured posing in a black high-cut bikini in the sea with her two daughters, Sailor Brinkley Cook and Alexa Ray Joel.

    The supermodel took to her own social media platforms to announce the cover appearance, thanking the magazine for featuring her in her 60’s, and praising them for showing that that “good things come in packages of every size, and we do not come with an expiration date!” The model also poked fun at the fact that the photo makes it appear as if she’s walking on water, saying “My kids think I walk on water, so let’s not mention the apple box concealed just under the surface.”


    Christie first appeared on the cover of the magazine in 1979 and quickly hit the big time as one of the world’s most famous models, with a following two consecutive cover appearances with Sports Illustrated.

    The model also holds the record for the longest-running beauty contract in the industry, for her 25-year association with the American beauty brand CoverGirl.


    When asked to do this recent cover, Christie admitted she was apprehensive about appearing in a swimming costume in her 60’s. She said, “My first though was, ‘At my age? No way!’ When I turned 30, I was like, ‘This is the last time I’m posing in a bathing suit!’ When this issue comes out, I’ll be 63. I though ‘Those days are over.'”

    Christie Brinkley’s cover shot once again proves that women certainly do not have to dress a certain way at a certain age.

    Sports Illustrated has been noted for championing women of all shapes and sizes, famously putting plus-size model Ashley Graham on the cover of it’s 2016 Swimsuit issue.