The big travel mistake Catherine and William made with George and Charlotte

Who can relate?

Catherine and William make travel blunder

We'd assume that Catherine and William are super organized, their engagements always running like clockwork. But even the royal family has an occasional slip-up. 

As parents, both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge always appear composed, tending to their three children in a calm and collected manner. But it's nice to know that they too have the occasional slip-up.

There was, in fact, an occasion where Catherine and William made a rather big blunder at a train station, while travelling with their son and daughter, George and Charlotte.

Catherine, who was pregnant with Louis at the time, and William were due to board a train at Chester Railway Station in 2017, but the couple were running late for the 2.33pm train to London.

But rather than become flustered, the family calmly dealt with the situation at hand, boarding an empty train to Crewe, where they were able to pick up the missed train and travelled to London on time.

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Stephen Foote, a solicitor with Allington Hughes Law, encountered the royals Chester, later telling local paper Cheshire Life about their mishap.

“There was one plainclothes officer who asked me to walk a different route to get to my car parked in City Place,” Stephen Foote said.

"No outriders. Looked like two Range Rovers. Think the children were with them.

"William looked very ordinarily dressed in a green sweater and Nike trainers.”

The Duchess has revealed previously that whenever she travels with her kids, she likes to bring a box of full of snacks. Catherine has previously explained she wants to keep her children going, especially during long state visits.

Prince George reportedly favours 'cheesy pasta', while Charlotte loves olives. What grown up taste!

The pair also apparently love homemade pizza – mainly because they get to make their own dough. The Duchess revealed "they love getting their hands messy".

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