Cate Blanchett's surprising new role? Stage dancer at Glastonbury – and she’s not the only star spotted there so far as Britney Spears teases appearance

Cate Blanchett stunned the hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers at Glastonbury

Cate Blanchett stunned Glastonbury goers as she appeared on stage
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Cate Blanchett has easily conquered Hollywood over the past decades, winning Oscars and earning major nominations across the board.

So what do you do when you’ve basically done all there is to do in your own industry?

You branch out, of course. And that’s just what the Tar actress has done, as she shocked thousands of festivalgoers at the iconic Glastonbury Festival by appearing on stage throwing some serious shapes.

Glastonbury crowds – who are looking forward to sets from the likes of Elton John and Lizzo - were given “a super special treat” as the Australian star made a surprise appearance onstage with US pop-rock duo Sparks.

Cate recently starred in the music video for Sparks’ recent single The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte.

Kicking off the band’s set on Friday on the Park Stage, singer Russell Mael told crowds, “Hopefully as many of you know we have a brand new album, it just came out a couple of weeks ago. We have a super special treat tonight.”

“We did a video for this song recently and we had the great honour of having the great actor Cate Blanchett join us – where are you Cate Blanchett?”

Cate then miraculously appeared on stage, wearing a yellow suit, green glasses and red, over-ear headphones, to roars from the crowd.

She was actually donning the same outfit she had worn for the Sparks music video.

After displaying a series of energetic moves to the song, which she performed while standing still, Cate took a bow, and left the stage again without saying a word.

While seeing an Oscar winner prance about on-stage is certainly going to stick in the memory, a wide spectrum of stars have descended upon the festival in the UK’s Somerset countryside.

Pam and Tommy star Lily James has been spotted, rocking what appears to be a new trend.

Wax coats are the new celebrity must-have, it seems

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Lily was seen wearing a wax coat – despite the hot temperatures in the UK right now – and she wasn’t the only celebrity wearing a similar look.

Mamma Mia actor Dominic Cooper was also sporting a similar waxed jacket, as was Doctor Who actress Billie Piper.

Do we sense a trend emerging?

While the stars are all out for the fun in the sun, another A-lister is heavily teasing a potential appearance.

Britney Spears.

That’s right, the Princess of Pop, who has been largely AWOL from the spotlight since ending her conservatorship and marrying Sam Asghari in a star-studded ceremony, could very possibly return to the stage in a big way.

It’s thought she would join Sir Elton John to perform their recent collaboration on Hold Me Closer.

Britney has been teasing that she’s in the UK across her Instagram, posting various – and seemingly random – photos of fish and chips accompanied by a series of Union Jack flags in the caption.

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