The best reactions to the news that Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary

Wherever you come down on Boris Johnson’s latest appointment, one thing is undeniable: the internet’s reaction to the news has been hilarious.

We’ve pulled together the most amusing articles, tweets and video reactions to the announcement. So go and put the kettle on, this might take a while… #BorisIsBack

Labour leadership candidate, Angela Eagle, looks genuinely pained on hearing the news for the first time.

While the former Prime Minister of Sweden is just in denial.


Across the pond, the reaction seems to be one of mild amusement. Here’s a spokesperson from the US State Department struggling to keep a straight face after being informed.

Also Cher, yes, Cher, got involved!

And since the news broke last night Twitter has been agog with memes and gifs appearing at an alarming rate. Like this one:

 This one:

 And let’s never forget this gem:

Meanwhile Google updates us on the burning questions that the public has about Boris…

But entertaining clips and pictures aside, much has already been written about the appointment that’s worth reading. The Atlantic produced this: A Short History Of Boris Johnson Insulting Foreign Leaders. It’s not that short to be honest, but it’s a compelling headline and a useful if cringe-inducing summary of (probably) our least diplomatic politician’s soundbites.

The Independent have created an interactive map that shows all the countries that Boris Johnson has offended over the years. Spoiler alert! There’s a lot. Click through to the article to see a more extensive (and fun!) list of those he’s offended than above, complete with quotes. 

 Lastly, while not strictly just about Boris, The Spectator are providing live updates on the cabinet reshuffle as they happen today.

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