Benedict Cumberbatch opens his home to Ukrainian refugees and we’re so impressed

Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch is currently housing a family that has "made it out of Ukraine" during the war with Russia

Benedict Cumberbatch
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It's official: Benedict Cumberbatch is not only an amazing actor, but a great person as well. 

The star of the Oscar nominated Power of the Dog confirmed to Sky News that he will be hosting a family of Ukrainian refugees that have made it out of their country amid the Russian conflict in his own home in the United Kingdom.

"They’ve made it out of Ukraine; I’m monitoring their progress every day," said Benedict. "Sadly, they are undergoing some medical treatment. To say anything more about that would be invasion of their privacy, and too much about when they’re coming and how that’s being managed would invade mine. I want to give them some stability after the turmoil that they’ve experienced, and that’s within my home."

But there's more: in addition to welcoming a family in his own abode, the 45-year-old actor also revealed that he's helping out a number of other refugees by covering their housing costs within the United Kingdom. He is specifically in contact with Ukrainians living in the United Kingdom looking to bring their extended families that are fleeing the war to Europe but unable to pay for the costs. 

Benedict Cumberbatch

(Image credit: Gareth Cattermole / Staff)

Benedict has been urging fellow celebrities to help the plight of the Ukrainians as well. Back in March, while at the British Academy Film Awards, he publicly asked British officials to create a refugee facility while begging the Hollywood elite to donate to the cause as well. 

"We need to push our politicians to continue to create some kind of a refugee [...] haven here for people that are suffering," he said then. "Everyone needs to do as much as they can. I think already today the news has broke that there's been a record number of people volunteering to take people in their homes. I hope to be part of that myself." Clearly, the man knows how to put his money where his mouth is.

Although perhaps not quite as aggressively as Benedict has been, other celebrities have tried to help the situation. Iconic rock band Pink Floyd, for example, released its first new song in 28 years last month—and it is in aid of Ukraine.

Here is to hoping that better days are ahead for Ukrainians, and the world. 

Anna Rahmanan

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