Andrea McLean reveals the terrifying incident that left her unable to go to work

Andrea McLean is one of TV's most honest personalities - talking openly about health, the menopause, and relationships.

And now, she’s opened up about a terrifying personal incident, which forced her to call in sick to Loose Women.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, the mum-of-two revealed that her crippling anxiety recently reared its head on the train to work, leaving her ‘intensely frightened’.

She shared, “In November last year I was on the train on the way to work and I had not felt right for a couple of days,”

“I had been awake since half two in the morning, and as I got on the train I could feel it coming. For me, my tongue starts to swell and I get intensely frightened, and I thought I was going to throw up. And on a train you really don’t want that to happen.”

Going on to describe the uncomfortable experience, Andrea shared that she found a way to pull through until she was able to get off the train.

Andrea McLean

However, the Loose Women star also confessed that the incident left her unable to go to work at the studios that day.

She said,”I had to sit on a packed commuter platform with my head between my legs and I realised I had to go home.

“And that was a big step for me, and I rang work and I said I couldn’t come in.”

Andrea McLean confessed that calling in sick didn’t come easy to her, but doing so made her realise that she’d made the right decision for her mental health.

The TV star admitted, “I am a good Scottish girl and you don’t ring work just because you are feeling a bit poorly,”

“But I am actually really glad that I did that as just knowing that I could. I just said ‘mum’s going to bed’. And I slept all day, and felt better. That’s all I had to do,”

It’s not the first time newly-married Andrea has spoken about her anxiety battles. In the past, she confessed that she always drives to parties and gatherings, as “I need to know I can escape” if things get too much.

Luckily, it seems she’s found a way to copy with her mental health woes however.

Earlier this year, she revealed to fans on her social media that she often relies on the Headspace app, a meditation device, to help her calm down.

She wrote on her Instagram, “So proud that I’ve managed to complete 200 consecutive days of meditation. Even a few minutes, when you really don’t think you have the time makes all the difference. In fact, that’s when you need it most!

“I use an app called @headspace – this isn’t an advert, I have used it for years, and it works for me. It calms me down, stops me feeling like my head is filled with thoughts, buzzing round like bees, all bumping into the sides and stressing me out. #breathe#watchyourhead #calm.”

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