Ana de Armas thinks that Bond girls could be 'more interesting'

The actress also revealed her thoughts on who shouldn't be the next James Bond

Ana de Armas
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Ana de Armas has claimed, despite being one herself, that Bond girls could be 'more interesting'.

The actress, who is currently starring in action film The Gray Man, with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, believes that the bond girl roles could be 'bought to life' more.

Ana, who starred in the latest Bond film, No Time To Die, as Paloma, also went to give her opinion on who shouldn't take the role as the next Bond. 

The Deep Water actress, who recently revealed how she faced 'horrible' attention when dating Ben Affleck, spoke to The Sun about how the next James Bond character shouldn't be alterted.

She said, "There’s no need for a female Bond. There shouldn’t be any need to steal someone else’s character, you know, to take over. This is a novel, and it leads into this James Bond world and this fantasy of that universe where he’s at.”

However, she did say that women should have more importance in the films, bringing it up to date with the views of society. She added, "What I would like is that the female roles in the Bond films, even though Bond will continue to be a man, are brought to life in a different way."

Ana, who also admitted that she loved trying to do all the stunts in her latest film, but also had a body double for the really dangerous stuff, went on to say that she wanted women, in Bond films, to be given more 'interesting, substantial parts and recognition'.

The cuban actress dated Ben Affleck after filming Netflix hit Deep Water with the actor a few years ago, but admitted the attention in LA, with constant paparazzi was too much and moved to New York to get away from the limelight. 

She told Elle magazine recently, "There's no escape. There's no way out. It's always the feeling of something that you don't have, something missing. It's a city that keeps you anxious." 

The actress, who looks just like Marilyn Monroe in the first teaser trailer for the new Netflix movie Blonde, also admitted that she barely uses social media - quitting Twitter and Instagram over a year ago.

Ana will star as Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix film called Blonde, which is set for release in September. The actress looks amazing as the iconic figure - and according to sources Ana spent two to three hours in hair and makeup each day to get into character. 

Talking to Netflix Queue Ana said about the role, "We worked on this film for hours, every single day for almost a year. I read Joyce's novel, studied hundreds of photographs, videos, audio recordings, films. Anything I could get my hands on. Every scene is inspired by an existing photograph," she said.

"We'd pore over every detail in the photo and debate what was happening in it. The first question was always, 'What was Norma Jeane feeling here?' We wanted to tell the human side of her story. Fame is what made Marilyn the most visible person in the world, but it also made Norma the most invisible." We can't wait to see it!

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