All The Times Leo Could Have Won An Oscar But Didn't

Leo cover pic
Leo cover pic
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Poor Leonardo DiCaprio. The world has long been debating whether or not he'll take home an Oscar on Sunday evening. But with five nominations to date, could it finally be Leo's lucky night? Anticipation is certainly running high - if he does win over 30,000 people will be celebrating at a special street party in Leicster Square. Will he, won't he? We'll have to wait and see. For now please calm down, and take a look back at every time he could have won an Oscar...but didn't.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Leonardo DiCaprio was first nominated for an Oscar gong back in 1993 for his supporting role in the American drama What's Eating Gilbert Grape. He was just 19 years old! Unfortunately it wasn't to be as he lost out to Gene Hackman who was praised for his work in The Unforgiven.

The Aviator

Leo was given another stab at the Oscars when he was nominated for the Best Actor category for his performance in The Aviator in 2005. But Jamie Foxx scooped the award for his work in the biographical film Ray - basedon thelife of the rhythm and blues musician Ray Charles.

Blood Diamond

He was nominated for Best Actor again in 2007 for his portrayal of the South African mercenary in the gripping film Blood Diamond. Sadly for Leo Forest Whitaker was crowned the winner for his role in The Last King Of Scotland.

The Wolf of Wall Street

DiCaprio then recieved a nod in the Best Picture category for his work as a producer in The Wolf of Wall Street. But Steve McQueen and Bradd Pitt took home the prize for their work in the period drama 12 Years A Slave.

The Revenant He's up for the Best Actor gong once again this year for his role in The Revenant. Could it be third time lucky? We'll just have to wait and see...