5 Facebook Etiquette Rules To Follow

Facebook has announced that it is launching a new feature called Marketplace that will allow its millions of users to buy and sell from both their friends as well as people they don’t know. Taking inspiration from sites such as gumtree, the tool will put you in touch with people nearby who might be selling something you want or looking to buy something you have. The company says that many users are already selling stuff on the site with more than 450 million buying and selling groups already in existence. There will be a separate tab on Facebook where people can access the new section of the site which will appear in an imminent update. The new feature will use Facebook’s algorithms to try and predict what you might be interested in sending you targeted suggestions. At least for the time-being the area will be limited to individuals but it is expected it will later be rolled out to businesses too.

Scrolling down our Facebook timelines is our greatest form of procrastination with us spending on average more than 40 minutes a day on the site. At work or at home, we all love a bit of Facebook. Facebook is a great form of social media, but there are some unwritten rules of Facebook etiquette that some people seem unaware of. Until now, that is!

We take a look at the five big ‘don’ts’ of Facebook. Make sure you share, and maybe that over-poster will get the hint…


1.   Write on your children’s walls

“Hi sweetie-pie, make sure you are back by 6 for dinner because we are having steak. Love you xx” might seem like a sweet message, showing you are a caring and thoughtful mother. However, it is doubtful your 17-year old son will see it this way, and his friends at school will probably call him “sweetie-pie” for the rest of the year. Why not send a text message instead? It’ll do the trick just as well – minus their embarrassment!

2.   Continually post pictures of your pet

Yes, your dog is cute. Yes, that video is truly adorable and you’re making us squeal in adoration. But, we will start to get a little bored and irritated when we are seeing posts of the very same dog every single day. Limit it to twice a month, and we’ll be liking and commenting. Every day, and we we’ll be clicking “hide from timeline”.

3.   Write statuses about menial parts of your day

Unsurprisingly, you’re not going to get many likes on a status reading, “OMG just burnt my toast!!” It’s not that no-one cares about your burnt toast (although, to be honest, they probably don’t), it’s just that Facebook is not the right platform for these little snippets of insignificant information. If you like this sort of thing, head over to Twitter, the land of over-sharing.

4.   Brag about your yourself / your children / your partner

It’s great to share you and your family’s achievements to keep all your friends simultaneously updated on what’s going on in your life. It’s not that we’re unimpressed by your amazing promotion, or your hot new toyboy, or your son’s First Class Degree from Cambridge, it’s just that we don’t need to hear about them every single day. No one likes a show-off! (And maybe we’re just a tiny bit jealous…)

5.   Get too opinionated

Facebook is a great platform to connect with people who have similar views to you. It’s also a good way to find out about what’s going on in the world through what people are sharing, and have some healthy debates. But getting too opinionated and argumentative about the state of the economy could cause tension with your real-life friends. It’s very easy to misconstrue what you say on Facebook, and you wouldn’t want to be misunderstood or come across as aggressive or rude. Remember, Facebook is ultimately a platform to make and maintain friendships, rather than lose them!


  • Keep in touch with loved ones, especially those who live far away – new research has found that regularly receiving two comments a day from friends or family, or being tagged in a personalised post, can boost happiness to the same degree as getting married!
  • Upload loads of great photos – we love flicking through and seeing what you’ve been up to
  • Like pages and groups you feel passionate about
  • Post links to great articles (hint hint..!)

Apester Lazyload