Nadia Sawalha calls out Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for Photoshopping their knees

Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha has blasted Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for airbrushing their knees

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 08: Nadia Sawalha attends the European film premiere of 'Knives Out' at Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square during the 63rd BFI London Film Festival American Express Gala on 08 October, 2019 in London, England.
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Nadia Sawalha has criticized Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for setting unrealistic body standards for women and girls in a recent Instagram post. 

The Loose Women star, who revealed her own body in a candid bikini video last summer, took to social media yesterday to call out the two models for airbrushing their knees out in a 2016 fashion shoot. 

“WTF??” the 56-year-old TV personality wrote. “Are knees now something we are supposed to be ashamed of too!!” 

Sawalha, who has long been open about her struggles with body confidence, went on to blast Jenner and Hadid for their negative influence on their impressionable followers. “Come 2025 could our daughters be booking in for knee removals for their January new you need body?!!!! Don’t laugh??? It seriously could happen? A few years ago bum implants were unthinkable!!!!” she warned her 349k followers. 

The dismayed mum-of-two posted the passionate message with a video of her dancing in her swimsuit. The short clip, which was originally shot in the summer of 2019, shows a laughing Sawalha wiggling her cellulite at the camera. 

“I’m really (duck emoji)ing about all the fake ass airbrushed, overlit photos all over social media at the moment promoting diet culture bollocks!” she revealed. 

Sawalha, who admits to trying to reduce her leg dimples in the past, now knows that learning not to care about her cellulite is the best treatment. "Posting that video on Instagram was perhaps the most courageous thing I’ve ever done,” she told the Mirror in 2019. 

Sawalha was encouraged by her daughter Maddie to embrace her physical insecurities after the eighteen-year-old reminded her there was nothing wrong with cellulite. 

Since then, the media star has used her platform to call out society’s warped body standards. In the lengthy post, she lambasted celebrities for ‘messing with women’s minds’ with their photoshopped images and weight loss promotions. “There is no magical cure for cellulite. Detox is bollocks,” she wrote. 

“Things will only change when we stop buying into these crazy narratives.” 

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