Mercury is now in Pisces - and this is why it's affecting your dreams so much

Prepare yourself for the nights to come

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Anyone who follows astrology knows just how the movement of the planets could be affecting them, be it positively or negatively. 

Many of us will have been keen to discover if our star signs changed last year and how this would potentially influence things. And your weekly horoscope can be truly enlightening as you uncover what is lying in store for you. But right now according to astrologists, it seems you need to be prepared with your best pillow and comfortable nightwear to ease you through some pretty unusual nights ahead. 

Mercury is now in Pisces and according to astrologists, this means one significant thing - vivid dreams. Mercury left Aquarius and moved into dreamy Pisces on March 15 and will reportedly remain there until April 3. This transition comes after a powerful new moon and marks a time where five planets will be in Pisces - the sign of imagination: Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Neptune, and also Pallas, an asteroid. 

Often associated with intellect and communication, Mercury’s position in this sign looks set to have a huge influence on the way we dream. 

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Why will Mercury in Pisces affect our dreams?

As reported by Refinery29, Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer for (opens in new tab) stated that when Mercury is in this sign: "our intuition and psychic abilities are enhanced, and we ditch analytical practices in favor of slower and dreamier activities." 

"By the time Mercury enters Pisces, we will still be feeling the lovely beams from the Pisces new moon, and its entrance will only add to the already chill and mystical vibes," Montúfar explained. "When our cosmic messenger is in the sign of the fish, our thought process is more influenced by emotions and sensitivity."

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Montúfar also stated that: “To say that it will be hard to focus on work or our responsibilities is an understatement, especially because Pisces is not the easiest placement for Mercury.

"As the fastest moving planet, Mercury likes to do things quickly; and the watery landscape of Pisces forces our cosmic messenger to slow its roll."

So it seems it might be worth keeping a stricter to-do list or setting yourself automated reminders to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines or important dates.

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Refinery29 also reports that Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer for (opens in new tab) revealed that when Mercury is in Pisces, "we may discover or understand things to a greater depth than we have before, and we could even feel a certain illumination."

She reportedly revealed that dreams typically become more vivid whilst Mercury is in Pisces, as well as more frequent.

So whilst you’re setting yourself reminders and making notes, it might also be worth picking up a dream journal so you can note down any particularly vivid dreams. 

After all, who knows what your subconscious mind might be trying to tell you?

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