Has lockdown changed your relationship with alcohol? Study finds 10 different 'drinking personalities’

The common pandemic drinking personality types revealed

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Whilst dry January has always been popular, with the effects of the pandemic ongoing and time spent outdoors or with loved ones still restricted, it’s no surprise that many people might have chosen to forgo it this year. 

For many people, a cold glass of wine or a gin & tonic is a lovely accompaniment to a meal or a refreshing drink as you work your way through the latest titles on your best eReader one evening. The question 'do I have a drinking problem' is always one to consider, though there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a glass now and then. 

But when it comes to drinking behavior that has emerged throughout the pandemic, it seems that our relationship with alcohol might well have changed. A study has found that previously, our main motivation for drinking was largely social (42%) before March 2020. Yet since coronavirus became part of our lives, only 20% consume to have fun or celebrate now, whilst 30% agree they reach for a glass to help them forget about their worries or alleviate boredom.

Now experts from premium low-abv alcohol company CleanCo, together with leading British life coach, Michael Cloonan have discovered ten very different pandemic drinking personality types.


The experts found this drinking personality type generally doesn't drink during the week. But when it comes to Friday, that all changes as they embrace the weekend. “Units and calories don’t count on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday right?” is their mantra for embracing a tipple. 


The Metronome enjoys a drink every day. Whether it’s a glass or two with dinner or lunch, their drinking pattern is consistent, though they rarely drink to excess. 


From work successes to career stresses, the challenges of home-schooling or ever-evolving and unrelenting news agenda, the Roller Coaster chooses their drinks accordingly. They drink to increase the positive feelings or calm negative ones, riding out the highs and lows.  

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The airport is undoubtedly one of the few places on earth that it’s socially acceptable to raise a glass - whatever time of day. Coining the “It’s five o’clock somewhere!” phrase, this drinking personality type often drinks a little earlier in the day than other people. 


Some started re-evaluating their relationship with alcohol beforehand, but the pandemic has also spurred the High Sobriety drinking personality type to appraise their ties with booze. Lowering or cutting out alcohol completely, they have made a move towards sobriety. Whilst for some people this means no longer drinking to excess, others have become completely teetotal and are enjoying the benefits that come with it!

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Those with the Camel drinking personality type can happily survive for long-periods - weeks maybe even months - without a drink. But when they do drink, they intend to get maximum enjoyment out of it.


Whilst we may still have to be patient before we are able to enjoy post-Covid activities such as visiting the pub with friends again, the rising popularity of virtual platforms is the next best thing. Hanging out with our loved ones on Zoom calls provides the perfect occasion to enjoy a social drink and it seems Zoom Socialites do so to have more fun with friends. 

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Heavily influenced by the pandemic, working from home has blurred a lot of people’s work and personal life boundaries. No longer able to have a quick post-work drink with your work friends and colleagues, the marker between work and personal life is no longer as distinct. The Marker reinstates this, pouring a drink to signify ‘leaving the office’. 


Those with the Merry Go Round drinking personality type may start the week armed with healthier intentions, but by 5pm on a Monday, they are the ones you might often cave. After all, they can start again next week. 


The pressures of work and home-schooling mean that this drinking personality type seeks solace in midweek drinking. Focusing on ‘getting through’, the weekend is your recovery period from the week’s stresses, often staying alcohol-free

Whether or not your own relationship with alcohol has changed throughout the pandemic, it’s important to remember your own boundaries and drink within moderation. 

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