Why going back to work is good for your wellbeing

The surprising benefits that a fulfilling job can bring

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Rediscover your sense of purpose

Job satisfaction is rarely connected to career choice, salary or title, but instead comes from doing something that you love. Going back to work is the perfect time to find your sweet spot – boosting your overall happiness and mental wellbeing. There’s no need to return to the career you had before your break, making this the ideal time to find your new direction.

More ‘fun’ money to spend

Returning to work doesn’t just give you a reason to pamper yourself – after all, what would a busy day be without a treat at the end of it? – but also the extra cash for it. So you can enjoy a well-earned weekend away with the girls, spa day, or simply a weekly mani-pedi to lift your mood on a regular basis.

Get more active

For those of us who don't love to work out, exercise can sometimes feel a bit boring. Instead of going nowhere on a treadmill, choose an active job – it’s great for calorie burn that you’ll barely notice.

Stay mentally alert

There’s a reason why brain teasers are so popular – we all love to be challenged. Crosswords and puzzles might be fun but returning to work provides more mental stimulation. A new job will draw on your existing skills, such as problem-solving, multitasking, memory and planning ahead, as well as giving you the opportunity to keep learning.

Feel more confident

Better than a new lipstick and longer lasting than a blow-dry, the right job can be a natural confidence booster. As well as enjoying the days when you feel like you’ve ticked off your to-do list and nailed every task perfectly, be sure to harness all the positivity you can. Start by keeping a feedback log of any verbal compliments, formal feedback forms and progress reports, to remind yourself that you’re a competent, confident professional who’s doing a great job.

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Rachel Ogden

Rachel Ogden is a UK-based freelance journalist with more than 20 years’ experience of writing, editing and sub-editing. For the last 13 years, she has worked exclusively in interiors, writing about everything from extending your home to kitchen worktops, flooring, storage and more. 

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