Britney Spears hits back at sister Jamie-Lynn—after she claims the singer put her in danger

The sisters have been using social media to argue with each other publicly

Britney Spears and sister
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Britney Spears has hit back at her sister, Jamie-Lynn, after she made claims about her during a US chat show interview. 

Jamie-Lynn faced criticism last year following Britney's allegations of family abuse, has now claimed that her sister 'scared her' when she locked them in a room with a knife.

However, Britney, who late last year, was freed from a 13-year conservatorship, is claiming her account of events never happened, calling her sister out on social media.

Promoting her memoir, Jamie-Lynn Spears, who grew up in the spotlight with Britney, appeared on the ABC chat show a couple of days ago and spoke about how her sister's behavior was 'erratic', while she also mentioned a scary incident, which involved her sister years ago.

The incident, according to Jamie-Lynn, involved Britney locking both her and her sister in a room, while she held a knife. An angry Britney responded with a statement on Twitter denying it ever happened.

She said, "Jamie Lynn… congrats babe! You’ve stooped to a whole new level of LOW … I’ve never been around you ever with a knife or would I ever even think to do such !!! The only knife I ever saw you with at home was cutting the biggest pieces of squash I ever saw in my life and it was way too big for me to cut.’

Trying to end the social media war Jamie-Lynn went on to respond, “I hate to burst my sister’s bubble, but my book is not about her. I can’t help that I was born a Spears too, and that some of my experiences involve my sister. I’ve worked hard since before I was even a teenager, and I’ve built my career in spite of just being someone’s little sister.”

Her memoir, entitled Things I Should Have Said, will be released next month. However, the title of the book was originally I Must Confess—but fans complained it was too similar to a line from Britney’s Baby One More Time debut single.

This isn't the first time the sisters have been at war - last year Jamie Lynn Spears was criticized for failing to help her older sister after Britney's testimony to end her conservatorship. 

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