Silentnight Airmax pillow review

Light as a cloud, and also air-circulating, is this affordable option up there with the best pillows on the market?

Silent night air max pillow
(Image credit: Silent night)
Woman & Home Verdict

If you want a hypoallergenic pillow to help combat night sweats then this is a great choice

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Helps to combat night-time flushes

  • +


  • +

    Great value

  • +

    Washing machine and tumble-dry safe

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Quite a high loft so possibly not great for front sleepers

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A good night’s sleep can depend on many factors; stress levels, the comfort of the best pillows and bed linen and a relaxing atmosphere all play their part, but for many a restless night is down to overheating. This can cause multiple wakings, which is not ideal as a disurbed night’s sleep has been scientifically proven to set us up less effectively for the day ahead. Bedding that minimises overheating – by helping to wick away sweat in the night without leaving the body clammy – will definitely be beneficial. We were interested, then, to see if this pillow’s mesh sides helped the airflow around the head to leave us feeling cool and refreshed come morning.  

Retailing for just £11 at Argos, the Airmax is a great value option. Although prices do vary from day to day, the Silentnight product can currently be found at Amazon for around £9 or £8.99 at The Range.

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First impressions

Just like Silentnight’s air-circulating duvet of the same name, once out of the packaging the Airmax pillow definitely has a squishy, cloudlike feel. It looked pretty big, too, meaning we chose to pop it into an Oxford-style pillowcase to cover it – we felt a standard size case might squash it too much, reducing the benefit of all that softness. 

What is it like to sleep on?

Even though it initially feels incredibly soft and pliable – it is rated just 3 on the 1-10 soft-to-firm pillow scale – don’t be fooled into imagining that this means it’s not going to be supportive enough. We would actually describe it as medium rather than medium-soft sleep, and both our sleepers attested to the fact that they felt their neck and shoulders were sufficiently supported through the night, while their head still felt gently cradled. 

Will it suit my sleep position?

Early concerns that this one might not have the right amount of support for our dedicated side sleeper were happily dispelled quite quickly. We found the slightly boxy constriction meant that, although it did have a very marshmallow-like feel at first, it was still sufficiently firm and cushioning enough to provide a comfortable night’s rest. Even though the rating would suggest this pillow was more suitable for a front sleeper, as with most pillows that have a higher loft or fill, this design is actually probably best suited to back and side sleepers. In fact, despite Silentnight themselves describing this pillow as perfect for those that sleep on their front, we’d suggest that dedicated tummy sleepers might have issues with the loft being a tad too high, certainly at first. That said, our restless sleeper – who occasionally turns onto their front during the night – didn’t find that the loft resulted in any extra waking. 

What’s it made from?

The pillow has a soft microfibre cover with Airmesh walls, while the internal filling is made from polyester hollowfibre.

How easy is it to care for?

It couldn’t be easier to clean; just pop the whole thing in the wash at 40 degrees. You can also dry it in the tumble dryer, which will actually help to prevent the filling from clumping. Like all pillows with a hollowfibre construction, the filling will compact after spending lots of nights on it, so it’s a good idea to plump from time to time in order to help it reclaim its original shape.

Any special features?

With this one, it’s the improved airflow from the meshed material strip that runs around the centre of this pillow that really makes the difference. Our testers felt that it definitely helped to circulate the air around the head more efficiently than some other pillows we tried. It also kept our over-heater cool and rested, with no need for the usual pillow turning to get the cool side in the middle of the night. 

Any trials or guarantees?

As expected with a pillow of this price, you don’t get a trial period. That said, Silentnight does offer a solid two-year guarantee.

Summing up...the Silentnight Airmax Pillow

One of the best-value pillows our testers tried and, more importantly, liked, this is a great option; you can kit out the guest bedroom as well as your own, without breaking the bank. Friends and family certainly won’t be able to tell they are sleeping on a pillow that retails at less than a tenner in many stores. If you’re after a squishy, cloud-like base on which to lay your head, it definitely fits the bill. (For all its softness it’s surprisingly supportive, too). Like all hollowfibre pillows, it’s also hypoallergenic and can be washed and tumbled-dried. Just remember to plump it it once in a while to reinvigorate the filling and keep it performing at its best.


Size: 48 x 74cm
Filling: Hollowfibre polyester 
Sleep position: Back and side
Comfort: Medium-soft
Trial period: No
Guarantee: 2 years
RRP: Silentnight Airmax Pillow £11, Argos

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